Home Buyers Frustrations:!!!!!


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Many buyers in the current market are starting to show their frustrations with the lenders. It is really not the lenders fault but they are the messengers! the interest rate increases have many buyers reeling about the cost difference between a 3.5 interest rate on a conventional loan and a 4.5 interest rate. This is putting many buyers back to the beginning of the home search and reality of shopping for even less of a home than they would have previously. The market is not a forgiving market currently, you have to bring your best offer, and plan to wave inspections ( I recommend you do box one and are able to do inspections and have an opportunity to be able to back out if needed) and a few other real estate tricks that have been uncovered during this completely lop sided market for the sellers favor. Years ago my parents owned a real estate agency in Oklahoma and the one thing I learned then that I feel is true today is "buyers Be ware", this is really a statement that pertains to all parties involved in the contract. So, hire a representative, HIRE a REALTOR!

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