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Our Guide to Landscaping in Tulsa


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You've seen them. They're that gorgeous bright green color and perfectly manicured. You know they must be fake. 

Do you live in the Tulsa area and you're craving that picturesque lawn you've seen only in the poshest neighborhoods, the fish pond by the front door, and the lighted rock driveway up to the house but don't even know where to begin? That's when you call a professional landscaping company that can design a look personalized just for you.

Here is a guide to landscaping in Tulsa, OK.

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Types of Landscaping Companies in Tulsa

There are various types of landscaping companies in Tulsa. Following is an outline of the landscaping services you may expect to find.

Basic Landscaping Services

Basic landscaping services are just that—basic, meaning only the bare necessities are included, like lawn-mowing, edging, and leaf-blowing. Basic landscapers charge more to spray for weeds, cut branches, and other jobs they consider extras.

Yardscaping Services

Yardscaping services include but go beyond basic landscaping services including jobs like managing flower beds, pruning shrubs, and thatch raking, then aerating and laying seed and fertilizer.

Yardscapers go a step further by also including services like installation of new sod or a new irrigation system. Yardscapers can also create fish ponds, waterfalls, fire pits, and more. Yardscaping firms sometimes employ or hire someone to handle landscape architecture.

Landscaping Architecture Services: Plants, Water Features + More

Landscape architects are horticulture experts who know all about plants, climates, stormwater runoff, and more. Too, they put software to use to foresee designs, which consider the positions of sun and shade as the days of the year pass and how plants will be affected by local temperatures. This helps them design the water features and functional decks.

A certified landscape architect must have a college degree in this particular field. They must also pass the rigorous LARE (Landscape Architect Registration Examination). 

Landscape Design Services in Tulsa

Landscaping design services can be handled by a landscape designer, also called a backyard designer or a garden designer. 

These are simple aesthetic services, like deciding on lighting for a driveway or walkway or choosing what types of trees to plant around your property's perimeter. Any changes that require earth-moving equipment, however, will need to be overseen by a landscape architect.

The bottom line is this: a landscape architect is concerned primarily with your property functioning properly (drainage, etc.), while a landscape designer is concerned primarily with your property looking gorgeous.

Where to Find Landscaping Supplies + Materials in Tulsa

For landscaping supplies and materials in Tulsa, Site One is the answer. Site One Landscape is located on East 55th Place where it intersects with South 108th East Avenue. Whether you need mulch, sod, rock, or something from the nursery, Site One carries the supplies and materials you need in the Tulsa area. 

Your Tulsa Landscaping Company

The right help is there for your landscaping needs. You just have to know how to choose.