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5 Ways to Prepare Your Roof for Winter


Article by Laura Spencer

Photography by Provided

As leaves begin to change and the weather cools down, it is the ideal time to begin preparing your roof for the coming winter months. Sandra Hofmeister, owner of A&S Construction, said she puts her heart and soul into ensuring roofing is done right. Hofmeister describes her approach to roofing as meticulous and honest, and she recommends the following tips to help you protect your roof for the rough winter weather ahead.

1.    Anticipate snow and ice

Soft blankets of snow covering trees and rooftops can look beautiful from your window in the wintertime, but it can be causing strain on your roof as well as the structure of your house. Along with snow, ice can create a heavy weight on your roof. Have a roofing specialist inspect your roof’s framework each year before winter storms arrive.

When your roof bears the weight of snow and ice for a long period of time, it creates what is called an ice dam when it melts. This happens when temperatures drop below freezing, typically overnight, and the melted ice creates a dam around your gutters, backing up any runoff. Ice dams will loosen shingles, or possibly cause leakage in your roof. Roofing specialists at A&S Construction can spot any signs of trouble before they cause serious damage. 


2.    Inspect your gutters

Next, check your gutters. Freezing precipitation can accumulate in your gutters and cause clogs. Take a look in your gutters regularly to be sure they are free of debris and not showing any signs of ice dams. Hofmeister says icicles hanging from your roof can be the first sign of an ice dam forming, and you’re potentially looking at a buildup already. Clearing the ice dams at the earliest sign of formation will help keep your gutters strong.

3.    Examine flashing

Even when flashing is installed correctly, it can become loose or warped over time. Check your flashing and complete any necessary repairs as soon as possible. Improper flashing can lead to a leak in your roof. If too much moisture builds up around the flashing, you could see an interior leak. A roofing specialist will always examine your flashing carefully to make sure the area is completely sealed.

 4.    Install ventilation in your attic

Homeowners may overlook the attic while preforming a roof inspection, but it’s a crucial step in making sure your roof will be protected well against winter storms. An attic that is poorly ventilated or insulated can expose your roof more directly to the harsh winter elements. Remember to keep the airflow consistent to keep your roof as protected as possible.

 5.    Prepare for high winds

Lastly, anticipate high winds when you inspect your roof. Preparing for the worst windstorms could save you from potential damage such as shingles breaking or blowing off. Check your roof to make sure winter weather and strong winds don’t cost you in repairs later. 

For Sandra Hofmeister, the construction and roofing industry isn’t just business, she wants to inspire others to believe they can learn the trade as well. Hofmeister is determined to prove that her unique experience as one of few women in the industry gives her an advantage by doing things differently and overcoming obstacles along the way. Anyone can begin building the necessary skills to take care of their roof if they want to.

Be sure to prioritize your roof’s inspection before the winter months. A&S Construction’s roofing specialists are available to handle everything from general roof inspections to large repairs for residents across Maryland. Preparing your roof before the winter storms come will give you peace of mind when the snow begins to fall.