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Cara Neill Opens First KC-Area Deka Lash

Article by Trisha L. Howard

Photography by Deka Lash West Overland Park

When Cara Neill revealed her franchise opportunity with Deka Lash to friends and family in 2019, the choice came as a surprise. “That’s a business?” one family member asked.

Cara said investing in Deka Lash was actually no surprise at all. Not only were lash extensions an emerging beauty trend, Cara felt that Deka Lash’s values, rooted in its origins as a woman-built and woman-led enterprise, matched her own. The company offers clients a customized self-care experience. It offers employees a clear path for growth and development. And the supportive corporate office helps new business owners thrive.

But in the end, Cara’s decision to open a Deka Lash studio came down to her heart as much as her head.

“I’m a Kansas City native and proud to raise my family here,” Cara said. “Deka Lash, as a company, has a close-knit family and community feel that I know are a great match for the KC spirit.”

Cara brings almost two decades of experience in marketing and client services to this endeavor. After a career spent in advertising, Cara left her desk job behind in hopes of working more directly with customers of her own.

Opening a personal care business during a global pandemic has been tricky. However, Deka Lash’s studios already rely on a model that creates separate, semi-private spaces for clients during their lash and eyebrow treatments. The studio’s lash artists are highly trained professionals who practice the highest standards in hygiene and are thoroughly trained in the best practices for reducing exposure, both for themselves and for their clients.

Longer, healthier lashes were already on the cutting edge of beauty trends before COVID-19. With the advent of face masks, experts predict that personal services will focus more than before on beautiful eyes – and beautiful lashes.

Deka Lash provides a variety of choices, and the lash artists work closely with their clients to achieve the right lash look for each person’s face, eye shape and overall aesthetic, Cara said. In addition, the artists teach their clients about how to take care of their lashes to get the most out of each session.

The best part for Cara? She is now a convert to the art (and daily practicality) of Deka Lash extensions.

“My eyelash extensions have honestly made my life easier,” Cara said. “The extensions eliminate the time I used to spend on mascara, eyelash curling and mascara removal from my daily routine. And my own lashes have actually gotten fuller and stronger since I started using Deka Lash services and products.”

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