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DIY Christmas Planter


Article by Emily Thibault

Photography by Emily Thibault

With a few simple things picked up from your local nursery, this DIY Christmas planter is super simple to put together. The best part? You can personalize it however you like. Make it as glitz and glam or simple and chic as you like.

This year more than ever, I've made it a priority to support local as much as I can. So when I saw the chance to create this DIY Christmas planter with a one-stop shop at Family Tree Nursery, I jumped at the opportunity. All you need is:

  • a container (can be as fancy or simple as you like!) filled mostly with dirt and topped with sand
  • Small tree
  • noble fir
  • pine
  • cedar
  • birch poles
  • pine cones
  • faux berries

These are all just suggestions. Whatever you can find is totally okay. You can tailor it to fit your taste, or whatever's available in your area.

I started with the tree and then the birch logs. Next I layered all the additional clippings, and finally finished with the pinecones and berries. Have fun with it! There is no right or wrong way to put it together; it all depends on your personal taste. By the end, I was just placing them wherever they would fit.

This simple DIY Christmas planter is the perfect addition to your porch this holiday season!

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