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12 Websites for Entertainment-Kid Style


Article by Robin Burke

Photography by Robin Burke

We all know that trying to find ways to entertain the kids when they’re at home can be exasperating, and emotionally and physically draining. While I am not an advocate for setting your child in front of a computer in order to find entertainment, these 12 websites offer fun, relaxation, and some education as well. And these sites are not just for children. There are quite a few of us who would find putting together a beautiful puzzle and coloring a wolf any way you’d like to be a great way to spend some time.

  1. NASA Kid’s Club - Lots of Fun Spaces for Kids!
  2. Jigsaw Puzzles – Put some really nice Puzzles together!
  3. Go Fish Card Game – Play for Free. Also other card games for older children/adults here as well.
  4. Coloring Pages for Children
  5. Disney Characters Coloring Pages:
  6. PBS Kids – Lots of Fun activities!
  7. Coloring Pages for Children – Can be Printed as well.
  8. Color Online for all ages: Nice, relaxing site.
  9. Virtual Museum Tours—Some cool stuff in here!
  10. Virtual Disney Rides!
  11. Stories for Children Read Aloud
  12. Coloring for Kids by Numbers