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Unfortunately, sometimes it’s overlooked small things that will make a huge impact, especially when it comes to the exterior of your home. One of the best investments homeowners can make is residential landscaping in Boulder, CO.

Residential landscaping projects don’t need to be overwhelming. Whether you are considering contacting Mountain Sky Landscaping or RBM Landscaping to revamp your existing lawn or you need landscaping for new construction, the following guide will help you understand the process of landscaping your yard. 

Landscaping Companies in Boulder

Residential landscaping companies in Boulder provide a wide range of services, including improving your flower gardens with the addition of mulch, plants, and concrete edging and the installation of permanent features, such as paved walkways and retaining walls.

When you call a landscaping company for an estimate, you will be asked what type of services you are interested in.

The reason for this is so that the landscaping company is aware of the type of specialist you need to discuss your ideas and options with. For instance, if your landscaping project requires knowledge about engineering, drainage, and design, you would most likely originally meet with a landscape architect.

Architects are licensed and registered in the state and have extensive experience with things such as land grading.

However, if you are interested in modifying your existing landscaping or installing new landscapes, you will most likely meet with a landscape contractor.

Contractors may also specialize in features such as the installation of landscape lighting, paved walkways, and which type of plants and trees will grow the best in the soil in your yard.

Landscape Design Services: From Lighting to Plants

Individuals that specialize in landscape design services typically work on residential landscape concepts as opposed to commercial landscape projects. Most designers specializing in landscaping in Boulder, CO, are self-taught, but some have earned a certificate through higher education courses.

The landscape designing phase typically consists of idea gathering, research, and planning. The homeowner will generally work closely with their landscape designer in order to ensure your concerns, ideas, and wants are included in the design.

For instance, if you want landscape lighting and concrete edging, you will convey these wants to the designer who will then research the best way to incorporate these into the overall landscape design.

Along with discussing your ideas, a landscape designer will also assist you with planning for the future maintenance of your landscaping.

For instance, they will recommend the frequency of lawn care, such as mowing, weeding, and pest control. The goal of landscape design services is to not only help you achieve the look you want but how to ensure your landscaping will retain its look for years to come.

Where to Find Landscaping Supplies + Materials in Boulder

One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to landscaping in Boulder, CO, is choosing the landscaping supplies and materials that will be used in the overall design. When choosing the materials, it’s important to take your time and choose the supplies and materials that you are the most interested in.

For instance, when installing gardens, are you more drawn to dark mulch or lighter colored mulch? The mulch is essential for reducing weed growth, so it’s important to choose the type that will work best with the soil in your garden as well as what provides the most aesthetic appeal.

Other materials you will need to choose may include various types of stone or rock for decorative uses throughout the landscaping. If you are having pathways installed you will also be asked to choose what material you want for this, such as paving stones, colorful stone, or poured concrete.

It’s important to take your time choosing the landscaping service provider and only work with a company that you are comfortable with and that has a good reputation for their services.

Don’t forget to talk with your designer or contractor about maintaining your landscaping, especially if you are unfamiliar with the use of certain products, such as fertilizers and pesticides.

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