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Top 10 Private Schools in Alpharetta 


Article by Eric Robb

Photography by Eric Robb

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Alpharetta is a city in Georgia that around 60,000 residents call home. Between the incredible location between Atlanta and the North Georgia Mountains, endless things to do, and the opportunities in the area, many people want to relocate to this magical city. With convenient access to endless activities and things to do, the mission of Alpharetta representatives is “To make a positive difference in the community by efficiently managing public resources and providing effective services and leadership that exceed the expectations of our citizens.”

Alpharetta is considered the number one place to move in America from Forbes Magazine. One of the aspects that makes Alpharetta so great is the number of top private schools in the Atlanta area. All parents want their children to have an excellent education, and living in Alpharetta makes that dream a reality. Here are some of the best private schools in Alpharetta, GA. 

1. Fulton Science Academy Private School (PK - 12)

3035 Fanfare Way, Alpharetta, GA 30009 | (678) 366-2555

Fulton Science Academy Private School is not only one of the top private schools in Alpharetta, GA, but it’s one of the top private schools in the entire state. It’s a nationally-recognized institution for STEAM and gifted curriculum. The reputation of this school is simply incredible—the students at FSAPS rank among the top 1% in all subjects. If you have a gifted student and are looking for the best education for them, Fulton is the place to get it. 

Student Review: “I love my experience with the Fulton Science Academy school. The teachers here are amazing, and I love the school community’s sense of family. I also love the focus on STEM and the immense dedication of all the teachers.”

2. Fusion Academy Alpharetta (6 - 12)

10000 Avalon Blvd., Suite 150, Alpharetta, GA 30009 | (470) 339-7224

Fusion Academy offers students a completely personalized approach to education. This school offers one-on-one classes for middle and high school students: one student, one teacher. This classroom style allows teachers to customize the curriculum to your child’s learning style, ensure they get the very most out of their education, and help them achieve a proper level of understanding. 

Student Review: “Finding Fusion was one of the best things that happened to me. Being in a one-to-one environment with a teacher allows me to be challenged, but also learn at my own pace, maximizing the efficiency of the curriculum.”

3. Mount Pisgah Christian School (PK - 12)

9820 Nesbit Ferry Road, Alpharetta, GA 30022 | (678) 336-3400

Mount Pisgah Christian School is one of the top private Christian schools in the Atlanta area. While there is a significant focus on religious studies, Mount Pisgah also places significant focus on academic, arts, and athletic programs, offering students a well-rounded education. The school is known for its personalized approach to student learning, developing students ready for post-secondary. 

Student Review: “Over my four years at Mount Pisgah, I have loved the environment of the school. The teachers and students are always there to give a helping hand and make the school feel like a family. The yearly trip to Sharptop Cove is a unique experience that is a treat for every Pisgah student and the place for lasting memories and friendships to be made. Overall, Mount Pisgah is just a great school that lives up to its commitment to prepare its students for college and allows a student to grow and mature along their way.”

4. Holy Redeemer Catholic School (K - 8)

3380 Old Alabama Road, Alpharetta, GA 30022 | (770) 410-4056

Holy Redeemer Catholic School has a rigorous and challenging curriculum that pushes students to their full potential. Combined with the caring and supportive nature of the faculty, Holy Redeemer produces students who are well-rounded and ready for the next steps in their education. As one of the top private schools in Alpharetta, it’s no surprise that parents who want an excellent education choose this institute. 

Student Review: “Great experience all the way around--academics, sports, and technology.”

5. Alpharetta Christian Academy (PK - 6)

44 Academy St, Alpharetta, GA 30009 | (770) 475-5762

Alpharetta Chrisitan Academy is considered one of the top private schools in the Atlanta area. ACA is a First Baptist Church of Alpharetta ministry and consists of two levels: Preschool and Elementary. The students of ACA are privy to a diverse education beyond religious learnings. With classes in art, Spanish, music, computer learning, physical education, media, and chapel, students of ACA receive a well-rounded education. Students enjoy field trips, community involvement, and so much more. 

Parent Review: “ACA is like my second family. All 3 of my children have attended Alpharetta Christian Academy and have come out on top academically and spiritually as they have moved on to middle school and high school. My youngest daughter is a 5th grader this year. She started ACA in preschool as a three-year-old. My family has been so blessed to have Alpharetta Christian Academy as such an important part of our lives.”

6. King’s Ridge Christian School (K - 12)

2765 Bethany Bend, Alpharetta, GA 30004 | (770) 754-5738

King’s Ridge Christian School boasts a reputation of being a different kind of student learning experience. With a rapidly changing world, King’s Ridge aims to prepare students for college, equipped with the skills to navigate change and education. With small class sizes, customizable education options, and a supportive environment, King’s Ridge is one of the top private schools in Alpharetta.

Student Review: “I’ve been a part of the school forever, and I’ve always loved the family-oriented community. It provides a safe environment for kids to grow up with support and community on their way to college. I would always recommend it.”

7. Pinecrest Academy (PK - 12)

955 Peachtree Parkway, Cumming, GA 30041 | (770) 888-4477

Located just outside of Alpharetta in Cumming, Pinecrest Academy is a ​​college preparatory Catholic school that is one of the top private schools in the area. In 2014, Pinecrest was named a National Blue Ribbon School. The school works hard to maintain its 100% graduation rate, and 2020 graduates received $11 million in scholarships. The critically-acclaimed institution offers a supportive atmosphere but expects a high level of learning from students. The school fosters an environment of critical thinking, reaching potential, and rigorous learning. 

Student Review: “Great School, I am one of nine kids, and this school has prepared us for college, but most importantly, life.”

8. McGinnis Woods Country Day School (PK - 8)

5380 Faircroft Drive, Alpharetta, GA 30005 | (770) 664-7764

Since 1999, McGinnis Woods Country Day School has provided a non-parochial education to Alpharetta students. The school has recently added a middle school and gym to the building. McGinnis Woods is accredited by GAC, SACS, and NAEYC. The school aims to inspire students and excel in their passions. With hands-on learning and an environment that builds confidence and a love of learning, McGinnis Woods is one of the top private schools in Alpharetta. The school offers some of the best educational resources to ensure that students get the best education based on their diverse and unique learning styles. Small class sizes, STEM activities, projects, technology, and the curriculum make your child’s time at McGinnis Woods one of the best experiences in Alpharetta. 

Student Review: “There’s a library and a computer lab. And the guidance counselor was always helpful with my problems.”

9. Montessori Scholars Academy (PK - 5)

13100 Morris Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30004 | (770) 754-0777NS-566

Montessori Scholars Academy is considered one of the best private schools in Alpharetta, GA, due to the quality, extracurricular offerings, and faculty. With 90% of the teachers there having advanced degrees, the school is one of the top in the state. The school strives to build confident, secure, disciplined students who want to engage in lifelong learning. 

Parent Review: “My son has been going to this school since August 2015, and we absolutely love it. He has learned a lot in this school, especially when it comes to being creative and independent… He loves his friends and his teachers. This is an AMI-certified Montessori school - one of the very few in North Fulton. The premises is very big and extremely clean. While researching the best preschool for our son, we had been to almost every daycare and preschool within a 5-mile radius of our home in Alpharetta, and we liked Montessori Scholars Academy the best in every way.”

10. Mill Springs Academy (K - 12)

13660 New Providence Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30004 | (770) 360-1336

Mill Springs Academy is one of the top private schools for many reasons. Students love the supportive and engaging environment that the teachers foster. Mill Springs faculty work hard to help students achieve their full potential with a challenging curriculum, a structured environment, and offering a variety of strategies for different learning styles. 

Student Review: “Mill Springs has allowed me to develop confidence in my abilities. I have improved in all of my subjects. This is because the classroom sizes are much smaller, and the teachers work closely with you.”

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