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Gloves for All Kinds of Weather

Whether it’s freezing or just plain chilly, check out Gordini gloves

Article by Grady McGill

Photography by Courtesy of Gordini and Grady McGill

Winter is a brute this year, and it’s still not over. Dressing for the weather is key and, even in Atlanta, it gets really cold. That’s why my cold-weather wardrobe is streamlined but efficient. Down jacket: check. LL Bean boots, well of course! Hat (yes it is cashmere, thank you). But my latest find is Gordini USA, which has been an innovator in gloves and cold-weather accessories since it was founded in Canada in 1956. Based in Essex, VT, Gordini has gloves for every weather — from going way north to see the Northern Lights — to gloves that work perfectly for the still-cold-but-getting-warmer weeks that are ahead of us.

Basically, if your hand is even slightly cold. Gordini has a glove for it. If you need gloves for the worst weather, try the Gore-tex Storm Trooper that has goatskin reinforcements or Da Goose, with GooseDown insulation. But what I’ve been wearing are the Runabout gloves that have 3-D knit technology and a synthetic leather palm that is the perfect cool-weather glove. A perfect glove for women in the upcoming months is the Spring Gloves whose spandex shell and goatskin palm keeps the chill away but isn’t too heavy. Another glove to try is the Tempo Gloves because its stretch fleece lining keeps you toasty but you can still text thanks to touchscreen-capable fingertips.

Now, you may not have heard about Gordini gloves — and I hadn’t either until I was recently introduced to them. But they are truly an industry leader. They were the first — in 1970 — to introduce down and leather gloves as well as down gloves in 1990. They even have gloves for snowboarding. In addition to their gloves, Gordini has mittens, goggles, face masks, neck warmers and headwear.

You can get these gloves at local sports stores, and of course, online. Whether you’re lucky enough to hit the slopes, maybe take a camping trip or just plain want to keep warm, add a pair of Gordini gloves to your winter wardrobe.

If you want to know more about Gordini, visit

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