V-Day Gifts Galore


Article by Nadine Bubeck

Photography by Nadine Bubeck

Forget the chocolate- here are some unique Valentine’s Day gifts for all the loves in your life.

For friends, teachers & Galentines

Surrender the cliché candle for a coveted orchid. Orchids spiritually represent innocence, purity, elegance, femininity and joy, making them a great gift for just about anyone. Westerlay is your one-stop-shop for purchasing these prized plants; for under $100, you can get 15 individually potted orchids that arrive blooming and flawless. Knock off a handful of thoughtful gifts with one simple click- with the proper care, they can last for months. 

For your significant other

No more necklaces! Instead, opt for the coolest cruiser bike on the market: the Six Three Zero Hybrid for men and women. Available in an array of color combos and speeds, this modern yet retro ride will help you tackle demanding street, trail, long distance, and uphill riding. Made from quality material and constructed to savvy perfection, cruise into spring in style enjoying some QT with your sweetheart. 

For your home

Instead of gifting each other, gift something that’ll beautify your home- a Snake Plant from Leon and George. This sleek, potted large succulent requires low maintenance, making it a perfect gift for the garden-challenged. It is also a terrific air purifier, better creating a healthy environment to any indoor space. Choose between a variety of pot colors. 

For those who love bling

If you’re adamant on gifting some V-Day jewelry, check out online luxury jewelry retailer ItsHot. For under $500, you can find plenty of ice; my pick: these diamond-studded hoops available in gold, silver and rose. And if your hubby has a thing for bling, the jewelry hub says men’s gold chains are making a trend-worthy comeback for 2021. 

For young kids

Get personal by gifting something stimulating and special: a custom wooden puzzle from Dowdle Folk Art. These 300-piece puzzles take one of your favorite pics and turn it into hours of family fun. The best part- you can gift this single item to all your kids; a “group gift made easy!”

And if your kiddos are into building with magnets- a personal fave in our house- you can design magnetic tiles of your own featuring your family’s favorite photos. Each tile is double sided and compatible with all Magna-Tile products.

For older kids

Big Life Journals are a sweet V-Day treat that’ll help your child grow more positive, more confident, and more persistent. The interactive journals cater to young kids, tweens and teens, aiding them in developing goal setting, overcoming challenges, and encouraging self-loving thoughts.

For a special night in

Avoiding crowds? Celebrate V-Day in with a home-cooked meal courtesy of a personal chef. Many chefs are getting creative due to Covid furloughs and putting their tasty talents to good use. Chef Joseph Lerner runs Curate Cuisine, creating culinary delights for small dinner gatherings. What a great gift for your Valentine- no cooking or dishes! 

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