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Article by Hayley Hyer

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Valentine's Day can be overwhelming. How do you show the person you love just how much you care in one day? Take a moment to get to know Mazzarese Jewelry, a family business in Leawood that knows a lot about love.

The Mazzarese Family's Romantic Beginnings

Veronica Mazzarese is the owner of the fourth-generation family business. Her parents both immigrated to the United States about 50 years ago and met each other in Kansas City. Veronica's father grew up in Tunisia, learning from his family, who made jewelry for the royal families. When his family moved to Rome, he opened a jewelry store and worked there before moving to the U.S. After falling in love with Veronica's mother, he opened Mazzarese Jewelers in Kansas City with her, and their love lived on through their work together in three different locations.

Fast-forward 40 years, and now Veronica runs the business that has been combined into one building. Her father still frequently works in the store, and when you visit, you can be guaranteed to either meet him or Veronica. Together, they are committed to maintaining the quality that has been associated with their family's business for so many years.

Veronica and her family want to get to know each customer who comes through their doors and connect with them in a real way. They care about who wears their jewelry, and since they do so much in-house custom work, they want to ensure they get each client's vision absolutely right.

"We want to build a relationship with our clients and see them for all of those special occasions. We are consistently voted Best of Business year after year in Ingram's. We are proud of the relationships we’ve built as well as our reputation for good service and knowledge."
—Veronica Mazzarese

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is so romantic because it's a time to skip the practical gifts like buying a new lawnmower or getting her car detailed. You get to go for the fine jewelry and dazzle her with something that will always make her think of you when she wears it.

Forgo the heart pendants that are sweet but don't quite go with anything else she has or the standard tennis bracelet that is nice but doesn't show her style.

Take her to Mazzarese Jewelry and let her find something that makes her heart flutter. We all know that feeling, when you see something you absolutely cannot leave the store without. (I got the feeling just looking through the photos on Mazzarese's website!) She'll always remember the experience of picking out her gift with you. Maybe the two of you even decide together on a custom piece that represents your two personalities intertwined.

Here are some of the options that made me swoon. Ladies, feel free to share this article with your partner and tell them what you want! (And if you're like me and currently single, consider taking yourself on a date to Mazzarese. I just might meet you there to try on these butterfly designs I can't stop thinking about.)

Featured Fashion Jewelry

Stephen Webster

Mazzarese has selected the most incredibly unique pieces from Stephen Webster's newest collections from London. All of these are currently in stock and waiting for you to try them on. Be bold and have fun.

John Hardy

This mesmerizing collection from John Hardy is handmade in Bali and feels so romantic without screaming "Valentine's Day." These are pieces you will reach for time and time again. And there so many more like this style at Mazzarese—I just chose some of my favorites to include here.

These are just two of the stunning collections at Mazzarese Jewelry. You can also find diamonds, wedding collections, timepieces and many more incredible fashion jewelry designers. Services include custom designs, engraving, appraisals, repairs, restringing and selling or trading jewelry.

So whether you go for a gift for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or just to shop for yourself, know that the Mazzarese family will treat you with love.

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