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Leena Ringvall, Hillside Elementary School

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A+ Teachers

Show and tell: Roswell's top teachers share why they love what they do

Congratulations to these outstanding educators, named among Roswell's Teachers of the Year. At Roswell City Lifestyle, we value our schools and are proud to introduce this year’s A+ teachers. We asked why teaching feeds their souls.

Katie Faucett, Sweet Apple Elementary, 16 years as an educator

One of my favorite things about teaching is the opportunity to get to know a new group of personalities each year who entertain, challenge, and teach me. I enjoy bringing personal interests and inside jokes into instruction. I love incorporating technology and real-life examples into our learning. Watching a student take ownership and work toward a goal, then achieve it is just the best! It is such a privilege to have an impact on these amazing little humans; not just in academics, but in learning to be a good citizen and friend.

Joy Harrison, Mimosa Elementary School, 10 years as an educator

I love teaching because of the strong relationships I get to build with my students and their families. I enjoy spending time with my students and getting to know them. These relationships form the foundation for the teaching and support of my students. I dedicate a lot of time to communicating with and supporting the students’ family so that we can work together to ensure that students reach their academic and behavioral potential. I am fully committed to enhancing the lives of my students and inspiring them to work hard, show responsibility, and treat themselves and others with kindness.  

Peyton Healy, Northwood Elementary School, 8 years as an educator

I am excited to wake up every morning and walk into my school and my classroom. Teaching isn’t like a job to me; it’s a passion that brings me joy and a sense of purpose. Each day is different and may bring on challenges, but it’s also a new learning experience and motivates me to be adaptable, patient, and understanding. I love to build classroom community and help students develop not only academically, but socially and emotionally. Although I’m considered the teacher in the classroom, I am always learning from my students, and I’m so grateful to have a career that I love.

Alison Lieblich, Roswell North Elementary School, 9 years as an educator

 I love to teach because I absolutely love working with kids. Not only do I enjoy seeing my students grow and progress, but I also love to see how excited and proud they are of themselves. We laugh a lot in my classroom, and I enjoy creating a safe and nurturing space for them to learn.

Leena Ringvall, Hillside Elementary School, 15 years as an educator

I love teaching because…

  • Kids are SO fun. They tell you like it is without sounding mean or rude. They ask honest questions. They are curious and hungry for knowledge.
  • You know you make an impact.
  • You get SO.MANY.HUGS. in a day.
  • You learn something every day too.

Jodi Schechter, River Eves Elementary School, 17 years as an educator

As a 5th grade reading and social studies teacher, I am energized and inspired when I see a love for reading grow within my students. I found that I have learned more from students than I ever would’ve imagined and it leads me to new ideas, new projects, and newfound creativity to bring into the classroom. I enjoy being an advocate for each of my students: academically, socially, and emotionally and want them to feel comfortable in a positive learning setting. I love working in a richly diverse environment and watching my students grow throughout the year! As a teacher, I am there for my students, and have high expectations to push them to be the best they can be—and encourage them to want to strive for better. Each year, I care about every one of my students and aim to empower them and prepare them for a bright, successful future. 

Cristy Thomas, Esther Jackson Elementary School, 7 years as an educator

I teach kindergarten special education at Esther Jackson Elementary School. I love to teach because it is a beautiful thing to see your students learn and grow. I strive to create a positive learning environment that allows students to feel supported, safe, and to make both academic and social progress. 

Congratulations too, to these Teachers of the Year (unavailable for this issue): Michelle Leatherman, Laura Shirley, Olivia Wheat

  • Allison Lieblich, Roswell North Elementary School
  • Cristy Thomas, Esther Jackson Elementary School
  • Jodi Schechter, River Eves Elementary School
  • Joy Harrison, Mimosa Elementary School
  • Katie Faucett, Sweet Apple Elementary
  • Leena Ringvall, Hillside Elementary School
  • Allison Lieblich
  • Peyton Healy