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Bringing New Life to Tri-State Homes, One Rooftop at a Time

Article by Bill Furbee

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Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

A dependable, quality roof is a lot more than simple shingles and tar—it’s a first line of defense against rainstorms, snowfall, branches and other seasonal hazards.

Every homeowner can attest, however, how tough it can sometimes be to keep up with roof maintenance. From routinely clearing debris to inspecting for signs of wildlife, there’s a lot that can prevent a roof from operating at its best. In a worst-case scenario, roof replacement can be one of the costliest home expenses.

So, it makes sense that someone finally proposed a breakthrough solution to an age-old roof maintenance problem. Enter, Roof Maxx.

After heading up one of the largest and most successful roofing businesses in the country, brothers Mike and Todd Feazel noticed incremental changes taking place in shingle manufacturing. Old-fashioned asphalt roofs simply weren’t lasting as long as they used to, and the Feazel brothers felt compelled to address the issue. In 2013, they sold their business and set to work delivering a totally brand-new roof maintenance solution. They learned that by applying a soy fusion-based product to existing roofs, shingle flexibility is restored and weather endurance matches that of a new roof. Yep, you read that right—a restored, like-new roof. 

Another set of brothers—Bradey and Jaran Burns—are proud to now bring Roof Maxx to friends and neighbors in Greater Cincinnati.

“It’s cutting-edge, and it’s an ecologically responsible way to extend the life of shingles for up to 15 years,” Bradey points out. “It can save homeowners thousands of dollars, at about 75% less than the cost of roof replacement.”

Both licensed home inspectors, Bradey and Jaran are members of the Greater Cincinnati Home Builders Association and the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Apartment Association. Jaran and his wife are also proud Loveland residents, who take special pride in helping keep Loveland roofs fortified against the elements.

“The process begins with a free estimate,” Bradey explains, “and a full inspection.” This includes both exterior and interior elements. “We then send a written estimate, detailed with measurements and pictures of any ‘problem’ areas. Next, we treat the roof and send a warranty upon completion.”

It sure beats the alternative. “We understand how costly roof replacement can be,” Bradey acknowledges. “But it’s our mission to share an affordable alternative with our community. We want people to get the longest life possible out of their shingles—and keep money in their pockets.”

Best of all? There’s more to it than saving a few bucks. “The environmental impact of Roof Maxx treatment is absolutely incredible,” Bradey shares, eliminating landfill waste and delaying the need for newly manufactured products. It’s powerful, and it’s safe. “Roof Maxx is a food-grade soybean-based product—which means it’s 100% safe for people, pets, property … and the planet.”

Interested? You’re Not Alone!
Bradey and Jaran’s team fields a lot of questions, and they understand the curiosity—after all, the benefits (and ecological impact) of Roof Maxx seem almost hard to believe. Here are a few of the most common questions they’ve received.

Does Roof Maxx come with a warranty?
Yes, and that warranty guarantees that shingles won’t wear beyond their condition when Roof Maxx has been applied.

Does the treatment change shingle color?
No, but it tends to make them look closer to how they looked like when they were new—that’s because we’re putting moisture back in them.

Does Roof Maxx prevent leaks?
No, but part of our service includes sealing “leak points,” which includes plumbing stack boots, flashings, nail pops and nail heads.

Ready to learn more about extending the life of your own roof? It’s safe to say, Roof Maxx has all the answers. 

RoofMaxx.com | 513.439.3921

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