Above The Mask Beauty Tips

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Wearing facial masks in public is still a recommended Centers for Disease Control and Prevention health precaution as remaining coronavirus vaccinations are secured. Some believe masks may be a lingering trend. Regardless, from a fashion sense, masks have prompted a renewed emphasis on eyes--the windows to one's soul. 

While the percentage of Americans getting manicures and pedicures reportedly dropped by more than half in the past year, attention was turned toward above-the-mask beauty services, such as eyebrow tinting, microblading, skin fillers and lash extensions. 

During times many factors feel out of control, self-care can be a beneficial part of overall wellness. Beauty and grooming services now seem to be rebounding. A significant number of Americans indicate they plan to keep spending more time on personal grooming than they did before the pandemic, despite being clad in masks.

When donning masks, it's still possible to enhance appearances--especially around one's eyes and forehead. Following are some mask-related tips to consider:

  1. Apply plenty of hydrating face moisturizer to protect skin.
  2. Use a light-weight foundation that won't block skin pores. 
  3. Apply a primer and setting powder to set the foundation.
  4. Make eyes 'pop' by using shimmery eyeshadows and highlighters.
  5. Paint fluorescent eyeshadow precisely onto the lid crease, just like editorial and runway makeup artists do. 
  6. Try white or rose-gold eyeliner.
  7. Find the best shape for eyebrows and keep them styled. 
  8. Curl eyelashes and apply a few coats of mascara, perhaps using colored mascara.
  9. Give foreheads a new fringe through bangs.
  10. Consider a vibrant, face-framing color of hair, such as pastel pink, purple highlights or blue streaks.

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