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Rage Room

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ABQ Rage Room

A cool, stress relieving event for your party and co-workers! 

Visit the only dedicated rage room in Albuquerque. They collect 2,500 lbs of glass weekly for "the finest form of recycling". Choose a package, grab your breakables, pick a room, and start slamming! Helmets and gloves are provided. If you forget a long sleeved shirt, they sell them in the lobby. Take a swing at the undefeated filing cabinet! 

"The level of support has been refreshing".  For announcements and details visit

ABQ Rage Room

2715 Broadbent Parkway Northeast Albuquerque, NM

  • Rage Room
  • The undefeated filing cabinet
  • Bash me
  • Long sleeves required
  • A smashing good time