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Minnesota will continue to stand strong so long as we have our most precious resource. I am speaking, of course, about baby boomers: that enlightened generation which gave the world cell phones, the internet, and music that can actually be listened to. That’s why I’m grateful to declare there will be no shortage of boomers for the foreseeable future. By the year 2030, one out of five Minnesotans will be a boomer!

Unfortunately, the hips which spun the first hula hoops and the feet which piloted the first skateboards are no longer as steady as they once were. That’s what makes Access Design + Build so special. The Fridley contractor specializes in remodels which make homes safer for aging in place whilst simultaneously enhancing their charm and aesthetics.

“Ninety percent of people who are over the age of 70 want to stay in their homes for as long as possible,” said Jeannine Burnett, founder and principal designer of Access Design + Build. “We’re here to make it possible by providing holistic solutions to aging in place.”

Access Design + Build’s approach extends beyond installing the safety features you need at the present moment. It looks far ahead into the future by preparing your home for quick and easy installation of additional safety features as well. For example, while you may not need grab bars in your bathroom right now, you could in the coming decades. Thanks to the support brackets Jeannine’s team concealed behind your shower wall, adding them would take only an hour.

“Bad design costs more than you might imagine,” said Jeannine. “There are many cheap products available online, like plastic grab bars that splinter apart under a normal person’s weight, and toilet lifts which pose just as great a threat to the people using them as they do the plumbing below. But we won’t just save you money by designing spaces that keep you out of rehab. We will also increase your property value by designing beautiful spaces where safety features are seamlessly integrated.”

One look at an Access Design + Build bathroom tells the whole story. It is warm and inviting, like a five-star resort’s spa – not clunky and sterile, like the hospital you’re doing everything you can to avoid. Grab bars and faucets share matching finishes. The shower, although curbless, remains distinct courtesy of its soft yet highly visible borders. Even a walk-in tub looks as though it belongs right where it was placed. Nothing is an afterthought. Everything flows together. It’s the magic of intentionality.

“Some people are apprehensive about aging-in-place remodeling because they worry it would make their homes unappealing to homebuyers,” said Jeannine. “If you’re one of them, then you can put those fears to rest. By the year 2030, Minnesota will have more people over the age of 65 than at any other point in history. They will represent 25 percent of the total population – an increase of over 33 percent from 2012. In no uncertain terms, features that make homes safer to age in will become enormous selling points. And when they’re thoughtfully integrated into attractive, coherent living spaces, they will only do more to attract a continually growing subset of homebuyers.”

Stay right where you belong: in the comfort of your own home! Call (612) 688-4117 today for your free one-hour consultation, or visit to learn more about Access Design + Build’s all-encompassing solutions to disability and aging-in-place home design.

Nothing is an afterthought. Everything flows together. It’s the magic of intentionality.

  • Jeannine Burnett, Founder and Principal Designer

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