Active Life as a Way of Life

this power couple shares a creative way to stay active

Staying active has many benefits for Rhett and Autumn Bruner, owners of Active Life Chiropractic, much more than setting an example for their patients and two daughters. “Some of our best time together is when we are working out, it helps keep us accountable when one of us isn’t feeling motivated," says Autumn.  The Bruners often travel for fun; their active lifestyle has also enhanced their adventures. Together, they have experienced extravagant activities that require strong and healthy bodies, such as snorkeling in Abaco, exploring cloud forests, canoeing in the Amazon, and hiking to volcanoes in Iceland. Most days, you will find Autumn and Rhett at Six1Five Sports Training in Mount Juliet; however, they have gotten creative over the years by adapting and coming up with quick 30 minute workouts anyone can do anywhere. Try this for an at-home exercise. To start, download an interval timer app on your phone and grab a deck of cards. Set the timer for 20 seconds and 10 seconds. You have 20 seconds to complete as many reps as possible for each exercise and then 10 seconds to rest and flip the next card:

2: Jump Squats 3: Dive bomber push-ups 4: Shoulder taps 5: Burpees 6: Dips 7: Lunges 8: Push Ups 9: Plank hip dips 10: FLR reach J: Lateral lunge Q: Scarecrow K: Air Squats A: Jumping Jacks

Do this a few times a week to see an increase in your stamina, energy, and strength. 

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