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Christian, a recent California transplant to Mount Juliet, became interested in Acupuncture after watching her mother finally find some relief after pursuing this type of treatment for chronic migraines. As Christian got a little older, around 15 years old, she suffered a horseback riding accident resulting in a concussion and some broken ribs. Western medicine was not providing the relief needed, so her mother took her to the same acupuncturist. As Christian walked into the office, with its holistic feel and hippy-like doctor, she immediately knew that this was what she wanted to do with her life.

The path to her calling took a little longer than expected, especially since California has some of the strictest education programs for this type of medicine, but she is finally here living out the dream planted in her heart as a young girl. After six years of school, including two years of prerequisites, almost four years of actual training, and six months of studying for boards, she was finally licensed in 2019.

Christian has a passion for treating whole health in her clients, looking not only at the body but the person from a different diagnostic lens than traditional medicine. She will look at the symptoms that someone is experiencing and know what needs treating while combining Acupuncture with ancient Chinese herbs to treat each person and symptom uniquely. Acupuncture, a 3000-year-old practice, helps identify imbalance in the body and helps direct itself back into balance. She assists the body, equipped with everything it needs to stimulate its immune response to heal itself. It can treat most ailments, ranging from sudden onset of symptoms to chronic pain and sicknesses, migraines, insomnia, hormonal balances, and many more. It is the perfect addition to your whole health regimen. She also provides cupping, an ancient healing therapy that is helpful with pain management, moving the lymphatic system, and breaking up fascia. 
Christian is available at Aqua Bella Salon and Spa, currently working Tuesday through Saturday. Your 30-minute consultation is free to discuss what treatment plan is best for you and your health. It is important to note that Acupuncture works best when used on a schedule and with consistency. January is the perfect time to jump-start your preventative and treatment plan with her.

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