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5 Ways to Baby-Proof Your Home


Article by Kate Baxendale

Photography by Stock Images + Provided

Every parent's worst nightmare is the thought of their precious baby getting injured due to their negligence. The truth is, accidents happen, and that fact doesn't make you a bad parent nor are you to blame. There are, however, several preventative steps that you can take to ensure your child's safety in your own home. Here are five ways to baby-proof your home to keep your ever-curious kiddo safe and to put your mind at ease.

Store Potential Choking Hazards Out of Reach

The article Baby-Proofing for Your Crawling Child on suggests following the toilet paper roll rule. All items that are small enough to fit through a toilet paper roll tube could be a choking hazard. Store these items out of reach of your crawling child.

Use Gates Around Stairs

When your baby is around six months old, install safety gates at the top of all stairwells. Opt for wall mount gates instead of pressure mount gates, as pressure mount gates can be pulled down as your toddler is learning to walk.

Cover Sharp Corners and Edges

Protect your baby from sharp corners of furniture with these clear corner guards. The baby could fall and injure herself if these edges are not protected.

Cover Electrical Outlets

Yikes! Curious kiddos will explore anything within reach, so be sure to cover electrical outlets before your baby can crawl. These outlet covers allow you to use the outlet without being a hazard to your child.

Install Doorknob Covers

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Keep bathroom doors secured at all times. The child can smash her fingers under the toilet seat or lid, get into dangerous chemical stored under the sink or other potential hazards. It's also wise to install locks on the toilet lid so your child doesn't play in the water.

These five tips are just a few of many ways to baby-proof your home. For more information about keeping your child safe from window blinds, electrical appliances, heavy objects and more, see the links below.

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