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Chef Kaius


Article by Britney Newman

Photography by Cassi De Los Santos

Everyone is talking about this chef all around San Antonio. I've seen several Facebook posts about this talented chef. I had to contact him and I had to blog about him. Just by looking at his meals, it makes your tongue water. I love how Chef Kaius plate his dishes. Pleasing the senses of sight, smell and taste, this chef will prepare you a meal you'll never forget. San Antonians can book him for special occasions, anniversaries, Valentines Day, date night, holidays and etc.,

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Chef Kaius is an Alabama Native taking his southern roots and combining them with a cross-cultural interpretation of comfort foods. “Cook like you love somebody” is his mantra for every meal prepared, and whether it be an intimate dinner for two or a group gathering for a special occasion, Chef Kaius always aims to give the best experience which is why he named his business “The Chef Kaius Experience”.

Chef Kaius is a self-taught passionate food artist that received his early lessons in his mother’s kitchen. His mother is a college professor at Alabama State University,  and his father is a pastor and community leader at New Walk of Life Church in Montgomery, AL. With the two holding demanding positions, mom often told young Kai “If you’re hungry, you better get in that kitchen and fix yourself something to eat.”  Kaius already had a creative touch in music, videography, and writing, so getting creative in the kitchen came naturally.

After many hard life lessons, Kaius found his outlet and true passion in feeding and serving people. He spent seven years working primarily as a server in different restaurants around the great city of San Antonio. With that rooted training in hospitality and his love for cooking delicious foods, you are sure to not be disappointed with his service and “The Chef Kaius Experience”.

If you would like to have The Chef Kaius Experience, you can find him on Facebook at Home Chef Kaius and on Instagram @chefkaius. His contact number is 334-467-0058.

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