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Adam Crosby Talks Landscape Lighting

Lighting As an Experience

Theater productions use a few well-known devices to convince an audience that they are no longer in their seats, but instead have been swept up into the story on stage. Of those, lighting is chief. Lighting sparks powerful emotions.

In the same manner, professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting solutions bring excitement to any property. Adam Crosby of Elite Outdoor Lighting talks landscape lighting in this edition of Destin City Lifestyle.

Landscape lighting is less about trends, than technology improvements. When you’re next to the beach, quality matters. The salt air rapidly destroys commonly available products. Dauer Manufacturing products installed by Elite Outdoor Lighting offer professional grade brass fixtures. Their installations range from just a few lights to comprehensive landscape lighting for homes and commercial properties.

Using a lighting specialist brings advantages from start to finish. Elite Outdoor Lighting steers you through the experience beginning with a face to face consultation and culminating in a reveal of the installation. At twilight, the lights are turned on for the first time. It is truly an “as seen on TV” moment. Grown men cry and homeowners scream with delight.

Adam explained, “I think that lighting has become more of an experience, less of just a project that you do to your house.”

Think about painting your home. Immediately, the results begin to fade, losing the original enjoyment. But, a full lighting solution comes with a lifetime warranty to secure function. Elite Outdoor Lighting also offers a maintenance plan to keep the lighting looking the same as the day of installation.

A specialty company puts the latest innovations in lighting at your fingertips. Strings of warm bistro lighting carve out charming gathering spaces along our beaches and various venues. The lights are cute, but standardly available lighting is destined to quickly succumb to the elements. Elite Outdoor Lighting’s brass sockets and brass bulb fittings patina, but don’t fail!

Elite Outdoor Lighting also installs stunning lighting packages including under dock and fish lighting as a preferred partner with WF Davis Marine Construction.

The Crosby’s simple landscaping company in Albany, Georgia has rapidly grown into a fully electronic service provider delivering top quality lighting solutions in Georgia and the Emerald Coast.