Adapting For Success

Kyle Panther Rises to the Challenge and Finds Success in the Wake of a Pandemic

Like many of us, Kyle Panther, Charlotte local and owner of Martinizing Dry Cleaning of Charlotte and CRDN Textile and Electronics Restoration of Charlotte, had to rise to the countless challenges brought on by the pandemic. In the face of 2020, he was forced to reassess his business plan and adapt to the ever-evolving environment. 

In November 2019, Kyle became an owner of CRDN Charlotte. He says, "I have always been a proactive business owner and I am glad that I took ownership of it before the pandemic began. The income generated by the restoration business made it so that I did not have to close Martinizing for even a day during the pandemic. While many other businesses closed, we were able to adjust our hours and keep working." 

CRDN Charlotte offered consistent work during the pandemic, as the franchise provides disaster cleaning and restoration in the greater Charlotte area – something that will always be needed in cases of fires, floods, storms or other unfortunate disasters. They are a leading expert in textile and electronic restoration that serves as a part of the emergency response team, working with policyholders, insurance representatives and contractors to restore textiles, electronics and peace of mind.

CRDN Charlotte's expert teams are able to tackle sites of all sizes and scopes, and they handle every claim assignment with compassionate care, accuracy and timeliness while working with insurance agents and contractors to serve policyholders in a wide range of industries. Additionally, CRDN Charlotte's three-step restoration process is seamless. They respond, restore and resume. 

When responding, CRDN Charlotte starts by communicating with policyholders. Their team will schedule a site visit to scope the loss and insurance adjusters will rely on their expert guidance to determine the best way to proceed on a claim.

They restore by assessing the level of damage, collecting a room-by-room inventory of items and then safely transporting items to their facilities. They use modern technology to process, track and store inventory. Also, they attempt to salvage damaged items, including textiles and electronics, by removing odors, soot, grime and more.

Lastly, CRDN Charlotte resumes by carefully returning the restored items back to the policyholder at their convenience. Their proven process ensures that they deliver quality service on time, every time. Additionally, they provide long-term storage solutions so policyholders can access their items while they recover. This process helps those affected by loss move forward and get back to what matters.

Taking ownership of CRDN and working with countless individuals experiencing life-changing disasters has been both challenging and rewarding for Kyle. Like many other business owners both locally and internationally, he was forced to adapt in the face of a pandemic. 

For more information about CRDN Charlotte and to submit a claim, visit To learn more about Martinizing Dry Cleaning of Charlotte and to take advantage of their free pickup and delivery services, visit free

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