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Low Stone Vessel Fountain by Henri Studios—$630

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Add Zen to Outdoor Life

Water Features Fit all Sorts of Spaces

Ready to zip some Zen into your summer? Water features can be added to even the smallest of spaces—all that's needed is a fountain, vessel or bowl. An immediate, tabletop water feature can even be created by filling an eye-catching ceramic container with water and adding aquatic plants, such as floating lilies and papyrus. 

Landscape supply specialists at World Outdoor Emporium in St. Charles stand ready to brainstorm ideas with clients about how to plan and develop their personal outdoor oasis.

Amy Coe, World Outdoor Emporium office manager, says their team sells, prepares, delivers and installs seasonal outdoor fountains. They also provide winterization, de-winterization and pump services. These fountains use re-circulated water to keep the devices working. 

"In addition to being fluid outdoor décor, fountains provide calm sounds and relaxing ambiances," Amy says. "Fountains also help drown out unwanted noise, such as traffic, and they are magnets for attracting birds and wildlife to enjoy for many years."

Outdoor fountains are simple ways to quickly add customized tranquility to one’s outdoor space, whether it’s a meditation garden, a front lawn or a backyard. With the variety of materials, sizes, shapes, styles and colors of outdoor fountains, one can quickly and easily achieve a certain look and feel of a space with an outdoor fountain. 


  • Low Stone Vessel Fountain by Henri Studios—$630
  • The Plinth Column Fountain by Als Garden Art—$2,800