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Chronic Pain & Tack Theory


Article by Jason Racca

Photography by Hope Gray Photography

At R3 Physio, we often encounter individuals struggling with chronic pain. Many have journeyed through various treatments, from medications to alternative therapies, in search of relief. This brings us to a concept we frequently discuss with our patients: The Tack Theory.

The Tack Theory Explained

Imagine sitting on a chair with a thumb tack. The instant pain prompts you to take medications, providing temporary relief. However, the tack remains lodged, continuing to cause discomfort. This scenario is akin to treating only the symptoms of chronic pain without addressing the root cause.

The Link Between Symptom Management and Root Cause

In our practice, we see people who've battled acute and chronic pain for years. They've often tried everything – from non-traditional back pain treatment to comprehensive TMJ dysfunction therapy. While these methods offer relief, they may not always target the underlying 'tack' causing the pain.

Holistic Approach to Pain Management

At R3 Physio, we emphasize a holistic approach. Our methodology includes advanced airway dysfunction and TMJ therapy and holistic physical therapy for chronic pain. We believe in identifying and removing the 'tack' – which could be anything from a physical misalignment to an emotional stressor.


Are you struggling with unresolved pain? It's time to explore what 'tacks' might be impacting your healing process. Join us at R3 Physio, where we go beyond treating symptoms to offer a path to true healing and wellness.

Stay Tuned: In our next blog post, we'll explore how different forms of therapy, including visceral manipulation therapy can aid in removing these 'tacks' for more effective pain management.

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