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Giving back to our pets

Hey animal lovers and pet owners! There are multiple organizations in Albuquerque that care for our pets and strays whether it be adopting, rescuing, fostering, or finding forever homes. If you are lucky enough to have a fur baby or many, you understand the community of caregivers that it takes to even attempt to give back the love these animals give to you. Here are a few places you can go to learn about:

The Eastside Animal Shelter - Have you found a pet or lost a pet? Are you looking to adopt a bunny rabbit or a senior dog? Visit to find out about adoptions and other animal shelters. If you have extra supplies, they take donations! 

Boofy's Best for Pets - Located on Cutler Ave NE, Boofy's is the place for all of your pet supplies and healthy pet food! They have online ordering, delivery, nutritional counseling, and outstanding customer service. This local pet store continuously gives back to the community by helping surrendered and abused animals and rescues. 

The VCA Veterinary Care Animal Hospital and Referral Center on Montgomery-  Specializing in Preventative and Primary Care, Advanced Care and Emergency Services, the VCA staff go above and beyond to ensure every patient receives the highest quality veterinary care available. "We feel that preventative medicine is the backbone to keeping your family member free from disease and that early detection is the key to managing long-term illness. Our goal is to keep your pet happy and healthy for as long as possible".

Paws Thrift Store, 4406 Menaul NE- You can shop at, volunteer, or donate items to this local thrift store that cares for its customers and loves our animals. Visit their cool collection of items in person because you'll never know what you will find! Or call 505-544-7776