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AcuLaser Treatment Center for Smoking Cessation

Each year, thousands of people make up their minds to quit smoking. It is a goal that is always on the front of their minds. Unfortunately, within a few weeks or months, most of those resolutions are gone. The side effects of changing our lives are stressful, unmanageable and can become overwhelming. The end result, we give up. 

Luciana McCartney, clinical director of AcuLaser Treatment Center, has been helping thousands of people change their lives for the better once and for all.

By replacing traditional acupuncture needles with advanced laser technology, AcuLaser Treatment Center, located in Brecksville, is helping clients stop their addictions to nicotine and actually put that resolution to work.

AcuLaser’s method, which is safe, painless, effective and approved by the FDA, relies on low level laser therapy that is applied to certain pressure points of the body. This comprehensive program, coupled with lifestyle counseling and step by step detoxification guide, are the important keys to the program’s success. 

“We can truly relate to the frustration people feel when their attempt to quit smoking falls through,” says Luciana. “Our method, which is based on the ancient art of acupuncture but without the needles, has proven very successful for hundreds of our clients that walk through our doors every day.”

The benefits of low level laser therapy are well documented throughout the world. For the smoker, it eliminates the physical connection the brain and body have to nicotine which then lessens the cravings. Stress and relaxation points are stimulated to help avoid the withdrawal symptoms that you would normally experience if you tried to quit on your own.

“It’s never too late to embark on a journey to a healthy, happier lifestyle and AcuLaser is here to help,” says Luciana.

Learn more about AcuLaser and schedule an appointment at or by calling 440.740-1020.