Adventure Is Out There

All You Have To Do Is Go Find It

For the team at Kooler Garage Doors summer adventuring is in their blood, and, turns out, a couple of them have been adventuring together since they were young. 

Let me introduce you to Pascual Ramos. He is the manager of Kooler Garage Doors, and while he isn’t a Grand Junction native (he was actually raised in Gunnison) he loves the area and the people here. Pascual loves getting off the beaten path to explore all over Colorado. He is up for all of the summertime adventuring: hiking with his dog, off-roading, mountain biking, and boating. Whether it be a quick day trip with a meal at a new restaurant thrown in, or a lengthier stay, he is ready to explore. 

He has had this attitude since he was young. His family would go on river trips every summer. Sometimes they would raft, other times just enjoy picnicking by the river. Turns out that one of his co-workers, Jesus, and his family, were usually there for these river trips. It is hard work, but also some adventuring for the Kooler team. 

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