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3 Stunning Summer Table Settings


Article by Kate Baxendale

Photography by Stock Images + Provided

Hosting a summer gathering? Then look no further than these beautiful tablescapes to inspire you. Whether it's a backyard wedding, a birthday party or an elegant dinner, these three tablescapes will wow your guests.

Citrus Fruits

Bright pops of pinks, oranges and yellows come together on this cheery wedding tablescape featured in Heart of NC Weddings. Sliced fresh grapefruits, lemons and oranges are scattered throughout; pastel candlesticks in coordinating shades sit atop vintage mix-and-match candle holders; and a frenzy of summer florals adorn the table.

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Island Vibes

This tropical tablescape by Mostess is anything but cheesy. Its minimalist approach allows for the floral centerpiece and place settings to shine without overcrowding the table. Delicate pink appetizer plates are a lovely contrast to the brightly hued monstera leaves (which are real!) under the plates and on the drinking glasses.

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Summer Elegance

This light and airy tablescape from Fashionable Hostess is absolutely timeless. She kept the look crisp with a bright white tablecloth and white plates, but the gold accents throughout add a touch of elegance. The blue-and-white ginger jars used as flower vases make beautiful centerpieces.

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