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Aerie's Athleisure Makes You Feel Good

A Corporate Clothing Company That Gets It Right

Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Aerie

When you shop for exercise clothes, whether it's for walking your dog around the block or for a HIIT workout class, you want clothes that you'll feel good in. Feeling good applies to both the physical and mental. You don't want unnecessary straps that dig into your shoulder, and you also don't want to go down a shame cycle criticizing yourself for eating those tacos last night because of the unrealistic retouching of each image.

I love shopping at Aerie because they understand feeling good in both ways. Every single clothing item I've ever purchased from Aerie (and that's a long list!) has been soft, functional, and exactly what I want to feel on my body.

I also love seeing women modeling the clothes who look like me and my friends. None of Aerie's photos are retouched, and they hire models who all have different body types. To me, this is so important because it reminds us that every single body is deserving of comfy clothes to workout or lounge in.

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It's great to have fitness goals and to be working toward something, but it's not great if you feel down and like you don't like yourself where you are before you hit those goals. If you feel like it's hard to even get started and go into a gym because you are self conscious of what you look like in your exercise clothes, do some of your shopping at Aerie and see all of the happy, thriving women who look just like you. You are beautiful exactly the way you are.

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Shop the Look

These are all of my favorite styles that I keep reaching for in my closet over and over again. Click on the links in the bottom left corners of the images to view these products on Aerie's website.

Aerie Play Real Me High Waisted 7/8 Legging

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  • 86080dfa-1b53-4007-b850-ad59b715148b-2

Aerie Plush Jogger

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  • 906af380-16c6-4baf-9887-8d8f7de94e21-2

Aerie Foldover Jogger

  • 673f131e-47e0-4ab4-b2be-8b6eba51e87a-1
  • 673f131e-47e0-4ab4-b2be-8b6eba51e87a-2

Aerie Play Padded Sports Bra

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  • 4dff424b-ed07-4c9a-8fa3-489d7bf3a5cf-2

Aerie Printed Swim Scrunchie

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  • b9d8f2db-5323-438e-860a-d75f344ce23b-2

Do you have a favorite athleisure company? What styles of clothing do you prefer to workout in? Let me know!

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Aerie: Athleisure That Makes You Feel Good was originally published in HAYHYER