Aesthetically Yours

At Aesthetically Yours, Co-owners Dr. M. Asif Taqi and Katherine Campbell lead a team of experts who take pride in offering high quality nonsurgical services to the residents of Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Woodland Hills, Ventura and surrounding Los Angeles areas.

“Our ultimate goal is not to change our clients, but instead enhance their true beauty and make them feel comfortable in their own skin,” says Dr. Taqi, a practicing physician for 15 years with many years of experience in injecting neurotoxins and performing minimally invasive procedures.

“We strive to make our patients feel heard about what their skin concerns/insecurities are rather than being sold a product,” Dr. Taqi emphasizes. “We are passionate about this field and stand by the products and services that we offer.”

These services include injectable neuromodulators to help with wrinkles and fine lines, dermal fillers to enhance contour or add volume and Kybella to reduce unwanted fat. Additional offerings include Intense Pulse Light to help with sunspots, age spots, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, rosacea and broken capillaries, as well as acne laser resurfacing to help with texture, acne scaring, fine lines and crepey skin. 

There’s also Yag laser for vascular lesions and skin brightening; Radio Frequency Microneedling to help wrinkles, loose or crepy skin; and scar revision including C-section and stretch marks. Aesthetically Yours also provides laser hair removal that is suitable for even darker skin tones, and vitamin infusions that can boost memory, energy, skin health, immune system and recovery process.

“We can also create a customized infusion tailored to our patient’s specific needs and goals,” Dr. Taqi says.

What does Aesthetically Yours offer that cannot be found elsewhere? 

“A deep desire and dedication to connect with each and every one of our patients and learn their individual needs,” says Angelika Desimone, nurse practitioner, adding that all their laser and devices are brand new, offering patients the state-of-the-art and latest technology. 

“All our treatments are focused on minimal downtime while providing lasting results,” emphasizes Desimone, a certified injector and laser specialist. “Our injectors are experienced and offer wide variety of treatments including correction and dissolving previously misplaced or over injected dermal fillers.” 

All treatments are complimentary to each other, Desimone notes.

“For example, a patient may benefit from Botox and filler combination after laser resurfacing to get rid of deep wrinkles followed by an infusion of our beauty boost.”

Aesthetically Yours, as the name suggests, is about “YOU,” emphasizes Katherine Campbell, co-owner and chief operating officer.

“Our team distinguishes in enhancing your own beauty rather than changing it,” Campbell says. “We believe everyone is gifted with their own unique features and our goal is to preserve those features. We help our patients in determining their goals and make sure they are safely achieved. We spend time to connect with our patients and make sure they feel comfortable with their individualized treatment plan.”

Aesthetically Yours came about from Campbell’s personal passion for skin care and aesthetics. 

“I wanted to create a space where patients felt they were listened to and felt hopeful in finding treatment that would make them feel like themselves again,” explains Campbell, noting that she has personally struggled with skin conditions for years, and knows firsthand how it can impact self-confidence and overall self-esteem. 

“In the past I had been to med spas where I felt intimidated by the overall experience,” Campbell recalls. “At times I felt rushed and at others I felt I was just told what do rather than being a part of the treatment plan.”

Campbell wanted to create a place where patients were comfortable sharing their insecurities without judgment and felt they had gained some power back.

“Our goal at Aesthetically Yours is not to tell the patients what they need, but instead involve them in creating a treatment plan to ensure that their concerns are addressed and treated appropriately,” Campbell says. “With that mindset, we give the patients the opportunity to feel not only involved—but most importantly to feel heard—which ultimately will give them the results they are hoping to achieve.”

Campbell added that her goal for the company is not to change a patient’s appearance, “but instead enhance their natural looks—making them feel more beautiful in their skin.”

Visit Aesthetically Yours Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday by appointment. For more information, visit https://aesyours.com/, or call 818.964.0921.

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