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Holiday Office Décor


Article by Shirley Sosa

Photography by Shirley Sosa

Holidays are approaching, and residing within the 4 office walls, is not necessarily the celebratory spirit you think of! How to make your office fun while honoring the holidays with décor? Easy with these few reminders:

  1. Play with color! Holidays are no more about red and green. Choose a fun palette to uplift the office mood, and monochrome as much as possible to create an eye catching décor landscape.
  2. Add small accent pieces to every sitting or desk area for simplicity, yet larger focal points (like trees and wreaths) to corners for longer optical lines.
  3. Try to keep décor to religion neutrality. While Merry Christmas is beautiful, so is "Happy Holidays". If you choose to celebrate "Christmas", then, also include "Kwanza" and "Hanukkah", for proper inclusion.
  4. A decorating party is not only entertaining, but also a great team building activity! Have everyone bring their favorite or special ornament that represents something about them!
  5. Don't forget the shelves! This is where you can showcase great detail pieces that are reflective of the current season!
The details are not the details, they make the design. - Charles Eames

And speaking of shelves, Shirley's Office Furniture is the expert in selecting furniture for your very special space design, so contact us for more tips and the best office furniture options.