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Is it a good time to sell your Home?


Article by Tom Shaw

Photography by Tom Shaw

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Today our market faces challenges and barriers to a successful transaction in the real estate market. The question is, are you as a buyer or seller prepared to overcome these challenges and barriers? Most sellers seem to want to cash in on the extreme prices being paid over the list price from buyers, but hesitate to commit to listing because they say they will not have a place to go if they sell. This is a challenge to overcome as a seller, However, many of the sellers in the market are willing to make some sacrifices to upgrade or down size their current living situation. the answer for all sellers is to understand when you get paid for selling your home to a buyer who is purchasing for well over asking it is because of the fear of missing out on a property. When the seller then makes a purchase it will most likely be a wash on the over list price transaction they went through with the home they just sold. The Challenges seem to be huge in the eyes of the sellers and they are understandable. The next challenge is the rising interest rate that have jumped from upper 3% to the lower 5% in just a week . This challenge is partially out of your control and comes down to a decision on the sellers behalf, regarding listing their property and still having the opportunity to receive the really fat offer over list price. I say the answer is "yes" you will. Do not be fearful in making a real estate decision. These challenges are not easy to overcome, however, with the right real estate professional serving you it will be much easier. Buyers are looking from a completely different reality, which is they are frustrated with the low inventory and lack of those choices. they feel like the are making real estate decision from being backed into a corner because of the number of buyers in the market who are able to give so much more over asking. This fear position needs to be taken away by the truth of being patient and allowing more inventory to appear for buyers to have access for purchase. "This too will pass", My Mother taught me when I was a child. I believe sooner than later this market will adjust to be more kind to buyers and seller alike. Higher a REALTOR!

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