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Your one-stop-shop for Custom Upholstery and high-quality used furniture and decor

Tell us about yourself.

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and entrepreneur. I started design school right after graduating in 1993. I worked in interior design for about 15 years and then detoured to corporate for a while. 

How did Affordable Design and Decor get its start?

I decided I was done with corporate and I needed to allow my creative side to surface again. I started refinishing furniture and holding upholstery classes - I loved customizing furniture. I decided it was time to start a shop. We started small- just enough to work and have fabric samples. Now look at what we built!

What services do you offer?

We offer custom upholstery and high quality used furniture and decor. 

What do you love most about your business?

I love the feeling of accomplishment when my customers are happy with their custom upholstery, the furniture they purchased, or the consigned piece we sold them. 

What's unique about what you offer?

Custom upholstery is not something you find very often. Even most furniture stores limit the fabric choices. With us, the possibilities are endless. We can create a piece that’s all you!

Upholstery Process at Affordable Design and Decor:

1- When the client comes into the store, we ask what piece they are interested in having upholstered. Our pricing is pretty standard, so first step is getting them a quote on labor and using an average fabric cost per yard. We assume the piece is in great shape and just needs current fabric removed and new fabric applied.

2- If this is something they want to pursue, we move onto looking at fabrics and determining the best fabric for both use and style. 

3- The client will normally take samples home to see them in the light of their home and with their other furniture. 

4- We ask the client to send pictures of the piece. We also ask for the client to measure the piece so we can determine the amount of fabric needed. 

5- Once the client chooses the fabric, we update the estimate to include the actual price of fabric and any labor adjustments. 

6- Once the client agrees to move forward, we require fabric to be paid-in-full, and we add the project to our list, so they have a timeline of completion.

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