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Aging in Place

What does it mean and how do I do it well?

Aging in place is when a person lives and ages in his/her residence of choice, for as long as feasibly possible. Obviously, this looks different for each person. Ideally, aging in place involves addressing the health, social and emotional needs of an elderly person in order to help him/her maintain a well-rounded life.

The main benefits of remaining at home are the sense of belonging, familiarity, and security. Modern conveniences support aging in place like never before. Today, services are simply delivered directly to and within the home - including home health, home care, physician services, hospice, barbers & hairdressers, podiatrists, and X-rays. There’s even prescription and grocery delivery!

Still, certain physical, mental and emotional changes are inevitable: diminished eyesight and hearing capacity, less strength and endurance, increased risk of accidents, challenges with basic hygiene, safety concerns, anxiety, confusion, and loneliness. Planning for these changes ahead of time ensures that aging in place is more likely to be a viable option.  When more help is needed, in-home care may provide the perfect solution. In-home care provides flexible solutions to address individual concerns. Companionship care covers aspects such as conversation and emotional support, social activities, safety monitoring, meal prep, and light housekeeping. Personal care would include activities such as dressing, bathing, grooming, toileting, transfers, and ambulatory assistance. Housekeeping might include cleaning and laundry but could also include pet care. Transportation care covers everything from doctor appointments to prescription pick-ups, hair appointments, shopping, and social engagements. 

Throughout the Midlands, Melisa and Tim McLeod are providing these services 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. In addition to helping you create an individualized care plan, McLeod Home Care will conduct a free home safety inspection. In this helpful review, skilled professionals will also look at function, comfort, and maintenance items that can affect the ability of seniors to age in place.  For more information, go to