Ah, the Great Indoors!

CMH’s Expert Talks Benefits and Boons of a Few Perfect Plants

Children’s Meeting House Montessori School is truly a special institution for many reasons, one of them being the nature experience provided to each of its students. In fact, CMH is the only Montessori school in the tristate area to employ a full-time naturalist ... Veronica Brannen has been the school’s naturalist for the last 13 years.

“At our school, we have a tradition of children caring for plants,” Veronica says. “The benefits of having indoor plants is scientifically proven in terms of health, calmness and well-being. Even in children, working with plants reduces stress, is therapeutic, and improves indoor air quality—the benefits are numerous.”

In a recent study, sick or unwell patients required less pain medication when their environment included plants. Tending to plants can also increase feelings of well-being for those experiencing depression, anxiety and dementia. And in the workplace? Plants are proven to help boost productivity. 

Not sure how to start getting your greenery on? Veronica has four suggestions for those who may not have the greenest of thumbs.

Pothos Plant (Devil’s Ivy)
“Pothos is just a lovely vine that you really can’t kill,” laughs Veronica. “It can thrive equally with either very little natural light or full light. Plus, you can water it just once a week and it will grow, grow, grow.”

Peace Lily
Peace Lilies have simple care suggestions similar to the Pothos Plant, but are known for their magnificent white flowers. They’re known as “closet plants”—easy, popular choices for home or office.

“Succulents are really easy to grow—but they do need sun,” Veronica reminds us. “You can forget to water them, and they can be in a few rocks with a teeny bit of soil and will still keep hanging on.”

Potted Palm
There are a variety of palm plants to choose from—all of which emit loads of oxygen, are safe for pets, beautify interiors, and best of all, are easy to maintain.

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