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Aiken Land Conservancy

Protecting Nature's Legacy

The Aiken Land Conservancy, led by Executive Director Peter Kleinhenz, is dedicated to preserving the stunning landscapes of Aiken and its surrounding areas. This mostly volunteer-driven organization is an accredited land trust committed to balancing growth with conservation, promoting a clean quality of life and setting up conservation easements that offer tax benefits to landowners while preserving their land. A conservation easement is a legally binding agreement that restricts development and certain land uses on a property to protect its conservation values, ensuring the land remains preserved for environmental, historical, or recreational purposes.

Kleinhenz collaborates with the City of Aiken on zoning and economic analysis, ensuring development respects natural spaces. Lisa Darden, owner of True Bleu Farm, praised the Conservancy's help in placing 187 acres of her property into a conservation easement. This initiative allowed her to witness remarkable ecological benefits, including increased plant life and wildlife after a prescribed burn managed by Black Magic Land Management.

Darden appreciates the legacy of the untouched land she leaves behind, highlighting the conservancy's personalized approach to easements. She commended Kleinhenz's excellent job of monitoring the land and fostering a strong relationship that ensures their efforts benefit conservation. The Aiken Land Conservancy continues to make a significant impact, safeguarding natural beauty for future generations.