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Accelerated Learning Clinic & Academy meets learners where they are

Right around the corner, there is an education solution that you may not have been aware of for children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Accelerated Learning Clinic & Academy provides a high-quality, inclusive education grounded in Applied Behavior Analysis in a clinic-based setting. Its mission is to meet the needs of learners through a partnership with parents, teachers, and clinicians, focusing on helping families acquire the necessary tools to facilitate effective intervention.

Programs are curated for age groups so that every lesson offers the appropriate level of engagement for each child in small-group academic settings with no more than ten children. The academy uses several approaches and techniques rooted in the science of behavior analysis, like Direct Instruction, Verbal Behavior, Naturalistic Teaching, and Investigative Learning. With weekly themes and activities, children have something new to participate in every week for short periods of time, either half or full day.

In focused treatment, specific targets might be behavior reduction, toilet training, or social skills training, while comprehensive programs provide plans for everything from language and communication to daily living and play skills to academics and behavior concerns. Social Skills Group Instruction is tailored to address topics like idioms, social nuances, appropriate social behaviors, and behavior management.

Children that can benefit from Accelerated Learning Academy:

• Struggle in larger groups

• May need additional practice with material and lessons

• May have Autism, ADHD, Developmental Disabilities, or struggle with mild behavioral issues

Signs of autism spectrum disorder include avoiding or not keeping eye contact, not responding to their name by nine months, nor showing facial expressions like happy, sad, or angry. They may not use hand gestures like bye-bye, have delayed language, movement skills, cognitive and learning skills, hyperactivity, and impulsive and inattentive behavior.

According to Autism Parenting Magazine, Nevada ranks 46th for raising a child with autism. Families struggle to find inclusive qualified resources with a small window of opportunity to maximize intervention benefits. The Accelerated Learning Clinic & Academy was born out of the need to provide education and assistance that supports children to reach their full potential using effective and evidence-based quality treatment and educational services.

Co-Founders Dr. Gwen Johnson and Jennifer Samuel unitedly say, “We created Accelerated Learning Academy out of a passion and commitment to providing rigorous, comprehensive education to all learners, where labels do not define a child. But instead, the core belief that all children can learn given supportive, well-trained staff delivering strong evidence-based curriculum is the norm.”

The academy’s objective is for each child to set a personal best and continue to make progress only against themselves, achieving measurable growth from where they start the academic year to where they end. By providing safe, accelerated, evidence-based education rooted in kindness and understanding, every child is capable of success.

Children with autism have different ways of learning, moving, and paying attention, that can make life challenging. There is no medical test to diagnose it. Instead, a pediatrician or clinician will observe a child’s behavior and developmental history. Screening questionnaires and checklists are based on research comparing a child to others the same age. Enrollment can begin at 16 months up to fifth grade, and tuition is based on grade level.

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