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Get Dressed with Alise of ModeAlise

A woman who knows good style is more than what meets the eye

Alise Ghanem has been in the fashion industry for 26 years. Her beloved store, ModeAlise, has occupied the same space since its inception 14 years ago inside The Shops at Worthington mini mall. Offering a beautiful range of clothing, accessories and shoes from European lines, American brands and more, ModeAlise is all about dressing differently. 

What is your background? I was born and raised overseas. I am Lebanese. When I came here, I didn’t know anyone and I didn’t speak English. I was raised in a house [that exuded fashion]. My dad was a tailor and my mom a wedding gown designer. I have always had fashion in my blood and have always loved it. When I came to this country, there was nothing I liked (fashion wise), so I started a modeling agency and the store came later.

What does fashion mean to you? I love clothing. I love fabric. I don’t like basics. I like the unusual. When I was first married, I asked myself, “Should I start designing?" but I didn't have the time. Retail gave me the opportunity to dress people. I started my business with $500 and it grew from there. If you have the passion for it, I think you can do anything you want. 

Who is ModeAlise for? My customer base is 40 and older, and I know my customer. I buy for her. I think about her when I'm expanding my lines and refreshing the store. I want my customer to feel good in her own skin through what she wears. I don’t just sell my customers clothes—I want them to be happy and relaxed in what they're wearing, and to come back.

Why is standing out with fashion a value of yours? My customer likes to be different. You can find the classics anywhere and everywhere. When you step out [of the store], we make sure you’re going to stand out. Life is too short to blend in.

ModeAlise offers regular, petite and plus-size clothing, as well as shoes. Price point ranges anywhere from $60-$700.


IG: @modealise

"To be different is what makes it interesting. Life is too short to blend in. People forget about you that way. They want to stand out. You are a woman! Embrace that and enjoy it. It’s what makes life beautiful because we are all different."