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All About ARI

Johns Creek's Best Korean Barbecue

If you love steak, have never tried Korean barbecue, and want a truly unique dining experience, Ari Steakhouse is a must. This lively space in Johns Creek is a family-owned establishment and does an excellent job of mixing the traditional and modern. 

The owner’s goal was to bring authentic Korean food to America, and all servers speak fluent English. He wants Americans to come and have a real Korean dining experience and also for Koreans to enjoy their traditional cuisine. Service is an important component of the meal because the servers are also the chefs, preparing your meat right before you. Grills sit on top of all tables and the ventilation is beneath the table so it’s like a smoke-free grill. And the presentation is spectacular.

To help guests navigate the menu, they have suggested courses so guests can try a variety of beef and other dishes. They have several prix fixe meals that include appetizers, several types of beef, small dishes and dessert, as well as an all-you-can-eat option. The best beef is considered Wagyu, so I decided to have the Wagyu Course. American Wagyu beef comes from Japanese cattle, is all grass-fed, and a top grade above prime.   

Korean cuisine is very communal and meals are accompanied by banchan, small side dishes meant to be shared. Koreans like to start with something light like short rib, then onto something fatty like pork belly or ribeye, then end with something sweet, like bulgogi, marinated in sweet soy sauce. Each dish was flavorful and memorable. 

Ari’s staff recommend two drinks to accompany their steak: sweet vodka Soju, clear like vodka, made from rice and the most popular drink in Korea. Also, the Juju Mule, similar to a Moscow mule, named after an island in Korea. 

Dessert presentation is as equally beautiful as the meal. The pistachio and ricotta cake was creamy and delicious, along with macaroons and affogato (ice cream and espresso). And a new signature slushy drink made of Korean citrus fruit called Yuzu, which tastes like a lemon married to an orange and is a super refreshing palate cleanser.

Succulent steak, colorful dishes, and a spectacular presentation make for truly unique dining at Ari Steakhouse

Our Picks

+ Wagyu nigiri appetizer 

+ Tangy shrimp salad

+ Large, pink pickled radishes

+ Cheese egg soufflé

+ Pickled kimchi

+ Kimchi stew

+ Assorted vegetables and sauces