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How Growcentia is using Technology for Good

When three Colorado State University scientists came together and asked themselves how they could enhance the power of nature, they found that Microbial Bacteria was the answer. These microorganisms can rejuvenate and enhance soil quality to boost its growing capabilities. Those three researchers stayed in Northern Colorado to build their innovative and accelerating company, Growcentia. Since their inception, Growcentia has been a pillar of the community creating a lasting bond between the innovation at Colorado State University and the industry.

“Being well connected and tied to the community is something that is in our DNA,” said Scott Wiley Director and CEO. “And it started with the very founding of Growcentia.” 

The advanced technology being developed at Growcentia required a lot more space to grow. They recently moved into a larger facility that gives them the room they need to let their ideas blossom into production. This space has greatly escalated their drive to further their technology and product development. The Mammoth products released last year have strengthened Growcentia’s bond with the community by putting them right into your backyard. Their Home and Gardening products allow them to be closer to the consumer than ever before. With their Home and Garden products, the everyday plant has never grown stronger. 

“We have a perfect intersection of academic strength and presence, a robust industry, and also a community with a large interest in these things,” Wiley said of Larimer County. Surrounded by a community that absolutely loves their plants and agriculture, Growcentia feels right at home here in Northern Colorado. 

We were invited to their new facility, where Loveland Mayor Jacki Marsh used a rather large pair of scissors to cut the ceremonial ribbon. The move into their new facility has allowed their plants and company to do the same thing, GROW! With two new Manufacturing Science and Technology (MSAT) and Research and Development laboratories, they are well suited to accommodate that growth. The larger space has allowed them to continue working on their growth technology, without having to worry about any cross contamination.

Larimer County has a long history of agriculture and biotechnology industries that have been a driving force in building our great community. The access to other agricultural innovators, has provided a deep-rooted and continuous collaboration of ideas.  

“That’s where a lot of our best thinking comes from,” said Matthew Wallenstein, Chairman of the Board, and Co-founder of Growcentia. “Through those conversations with people that are working with the same challenges. Those connections are critical for us to be able to ensure we are doing everything we can to solve those challenges.” Growcentia works diligently to fight for healthy growth so our community and others don’t ever suffer from any food shortages.

Growcentia will continue to water our community through its many philanthropic endeavors: Working with the academic researchers at Colorado State University, local farmers with Food to Fork, and supporting many other non-profits. Growcentia is determined to see our beautiful community grow as healthy and strong as their plants do.