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Monica Graham focuses on the financial details, giving business owners the freedom to flourish

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Pull Quote: Having a bookkeeper really frees up your mind and opportunity to grow in other areas.

As an advocate for small business owners, Monica Graham of Madden Bookkeeping strives to serve her clients in a way that allows them to focus on what’s important, which is their financial bottom line. Monica recently shared with us a little about her business and why she loves the Evans community.

How did you get into the bookkeeping business?

I have been in business going on ten years. I first got into the business because I wanted to help people. I started my accounting experience working as an auditor for Qualcomm Stadium, home of the Chargers and also for PetCo Park, home of the Padres in San Diego. I worked on their auditing team and I fell in love. I interned with them and that’s where I got a lot of my accounting experience.

What services do you offer?

I offer an array of accounting services for business and personal accounts, specializing in accounting set-up with QuickBooks. I am a QuickBooks specialist. I also do accounts receivables, accounts payables, invoice processing, bank reconciliation, small business consulting, and payroll….really anything that works for business accounting.  I also have experience doing state reporting.

Why do you think having a bookkeeper is beneficial for business owners?

I think that it is beneficial because it takes unnecessary stress off of the business owner. Most of the time, people really don’t have the time or the understanding to fully grasp their bookkeeping needs. They are under-reporting or overstating things, and some things they just don’t think of since they are not doing it on a daily basis. Having a bookkeeper who is going to facilitate those things for you, so that you can make bottom line decisions instead of doing the mundane day to day bookkeeping, really frees up your mind and opportunity to grow in other areas.

Are there any important recent changes in the world of business accounting?

In the small business world right now, during a pandemic, we are assisting with loan processing as far as the SBA and PPE loans and also staying up to date on the new tax laws. During this pandemic, tax filing will not be the same. Moving forward, how you’re tracking things will not be the same, so we stay knowledgeable on those issues. Every time the IRS comes out with a new update, we’re on it; we’re exploring it; we’re adjusting where that needs to be done.

How are you bringing local businesses together?

Being a new business here in the CSRA, I have been partnering with other local small businesses for pop-up events. The event is called a Shop to Shop event and it showcases small businesses here in the community ranging from food vendors to clothing and service vendors to handmade items. I try to network with other small businesses because I believe networking is very important.

What would you like our readers to know about you?

I’m a small business owner myself. I’m a wife, a mom, and a sister. Everything I do, I treat as my own – as if it was my business, as if it was my child’s livelihood – because at the end of the day, that’s what it’s really about. It’s about family and building relationships and rapport, especially with having an accountant on your team because they’re like family. It really is an intimate relationship.

What do you love about Evans?

I am originally from San Diego, California, so I am a new Georgia girl. I love the Evans area for the people and the atmosphere….everything feels like family. It’s nice to be able to walk outside and have people speak to you! Being from a big city, you lose sight of the small graces of someone just saying hello.

To contact Monica and inquire about her services, email m.maddenbookkeeping@gmail.com or call 706-431-7701. You can also follow Madden Bookkeeping, Inc. on Facebook.

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