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Learn The Rules Of Window Tint

With hot summer days getting closer, having your vehicle's windows tinted is rising in popularity. Daniel Morris, owner of All About Trucks And Autos shares what you need to know before getting your windows tinted.

  All About Trucks And Autos is a locally owned vehicle accessories shop. “Whatever you need, we have it. Lift kits, tires, wheels, bedcovers, running boards, bed liners, window tint, you name it.” Says Daniel. “Our goal is that every customer that walks through our door feels welcomed and at home, and I feel like we do that successfully.”

   “We’re a family business, my wife and three kids are with me at the shop everyday. We're extremely blessed to be here and to have such supportive customers." 

What Is VLT?

"VLT means Visible Light Transmittance. So, 20% VLT or 20% tint means that 20% of light must be able to pass through and no more than 80% can be blocked. The lower the percentage, the darker the tint and the more light it will block."

What Is Legal?

“For sedans, it’s 32% all the way around and a 6” strip on the windshield. For SUVs and trucks, the two front windows is 32%, any percent on all other windows and 6” strip on the windshield.”

What About Colored Tint?

“Red or amber colored tint is illegal.”

Do You Tint Windshields?

"Tinting windshields is against the law unless you have a doctor's note. We do not tint windshields regardless because tinting the windshield can damage your vehicle. When spraying our cleaners and bonders, it can possibly spread to the computer in the car, which would then cause a lot of problems and is not safe."

How Long Does It Take To Tint A Vehicle?

"That depends on what you're getting done. Some vehicles come with factory tint on the back windows so we would only do the front two. That can take anywhere between thirty minutes to an hour. Tinting the whole vehicle whether it's a sedan, SUV or truck, could take around three to five hours. We have a waiting room and a TV if you are planning on staying or waiting but the most popular choice is having someone pick you up and go run some errands while we work.

What Do You Enjoy Most About What You Do?

“Being with my family everyday and seeing the satisfaction from our customers with the work we did.”

All About Trucks And Autos is located at 640 S Old Belair Rd Grovetown, GA 30813. You can contact them via Facebook and Instagram or by calling (706)855-8768.

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