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All About Trees

Jeremiah McCarthy of A1 Tree Pros is passionate about preserving Potomac’s beauty

Article by Laura Mark

Photography by T. Kowalsky Photography

Originally published in Potomac Lifestyle

A1 Tree Pros, the trusted tree and landscaping service provider in Montgomery County, is dedicated to preserving trees and turning clients' visions into reality. From planting new trees to removing stumps, the company approaches every project with moderation for optimal results in tree and shrub health and longevity.

Owner Jeremiah McCarthy relishes the opportunity to visit clients' homes, walk properties, and provide insights on maintenance, landscaping, and tree selections. This personalized connection allows gradual project phases, which aligns with clients' long-term goals of achieving a desired look.

Planting New Trees:
The optimal time for planting new trees is between April and mid-October. The choice of tree depends on individual preference, desired maintenance levels, and consideration of the property’s overall ambiance.

Caring For Trees And Shrubs:
After planting, proper nurturing and watering schedules are crucial. Jeremiah advises against overwatering saplings, highlighting the resilience of trees that can often thrive with less water than expected. A two- to three-foot shrub typically needs a half-gallon of water once every 10 days, with adjustments based on seasons.

When A Tree's Time Is Up:
Tree removal is viewed as a last resort by licensed experts at A1 Tree Pros. Diagnosis precedes removal, with potential treatments like tree injections considered for diseases and insects. Jeremiah emphasizes the safety aspect, noting instances where inadequate planning led to possible safety hazards, urging evaluation when a third or more of a tree appears dead or sick.

Removing Stumps:
Taking only a few hours, stump removal opens the possibility of transforming the area into grass. Jeremiah recommends grass seeding in the spring, assuring that within 120 days, the area can seamlessly blend as if a tree was never there.

Safety First:
A1 Tree Pros prioritizes safety in every project, regardless of size. The crew, trained for 100% certainty of predictable results, adheres to strict safety measures from every cut to every climb, ensuring the well-being of the team, clients, and surrounding structures.

Jeremiah McCarthy's deep connection to nature led him to establish A1 Tree Pros after realizing his fulfillment existed beyond a desk-bound career. Growing up in the D.C. area, he and his father found solace in the lush greenery of Gambrill State Park, inspiring Jeremiah to make Frederick County his permanent home. 

Jeremiah's passion for the outdoors is evident in A1 Tree Pros' commitment to preservation. His projects, often taking him to unique properties, offer lessons in Civil War-era history, enriching both his work and the county's natural beauty. Providing budget-friendly options, Jeremiah and his crew guide clients through each step, striving to preserve Montgomery County's landscape for future generations.

  • Jeremiah McCarthy, Owner A1 Tree Pros

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