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All I want for You!

Meet Libby Lindahl, Alpharetta High School's leading lady

Ever since I could walk, I have been attached to a microphone and my parents could not separate me from singing, acting or dancing. I used to put on concerts in my living room with a hairbrush. No matter what I am feeling at home or in life, I can walk into the theater and forget about everything and just perform. My first show was The Little Mermaid and I have been hooked ever since. When I am performing, it is my catharsis and the only place where I have the ability to just focus and tell a story. I perform in around four shows a year at both Alpharetta High School and at my dance studio Core Dance and Acrobatics. I am constantly running between rehearsals and auditions. I was recently chosen to participate in the 2020 Governor's Honors Program for Theatre, and I also just performed in the All-State Opening Number at the Georgia Thespian Conference in February. My passion for musical theatre is unmatched and it means the world to me that I could possibly do this for a living. I hope to major in Musical Theatre and I am currently in the middle of the first-ever virtual college musical theatre auditions. 

Where she shops:

I absolutely love going to downtown Alpharetta and visiting some of the cute boutiques there for gifts. I also am constantly visiting North Point Mall to buy clothes from Forever 21 or American Eagle. 

Viewing and singing along:

My all-time favorite Christmas movie is Elf and we watch it together at my Grandmas's house every holiday season. My favorite Christmas/Holiday song is “All I want for Christmas is you” by Mariah Carey. It's a classic. I will also be singing it at my dance recital with Core Dance and Acrobatics in December. 

The ultimate party:

I would invite Natalie Weiss, Lin Manuel Miranda, and Ben Platt. These are all musical theatre icons of mine and it would be so cool to have them all in the same room as me celebrating the holidays. 

Giving back:

I give back to the community through teaching. I recently helped teach the preschool class at my dance studio ballet and tap. I also am the teaching assistant for the Musical Theatre class at Alpharetta High School. The way I give back to the community is through teaching children theatre. I think it is very beneficial and transformative to be teaching. It is so much fun to see them grow into young actors/dancers and it’s an amazing thing to be a part of.