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Shannon Foley

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ALL women are Women of Influence

Recognizing Women of Influence Every Day 

"I have been influenced by so many women who are the clients & coworkers of my studio! These women have led by example in their dedication not only to my studio, but to fitness over multiple years, and through pregnancies, injuries, and life lessons, the best of times and the worst of times.  I have learned what they need from me by watching their response to my teaching style. Thankfully my style has evolved over the years and I have reached a point where I see that the relationships built here are what these influential women value so much. Both younger and older women, high-performance athletes and those struggling with injury— all of them have (and continue to!) influence me, my capabilities for empathy, encouragement, understanding, motivation, patience, mental toughness & pure happiness. I see women not afraid to speak their minds, experiencing the joys & struggles of movement and showing up for the camaraderie of a group class. The unwavering support they showed me, my studio, and each other during the COVID lockdowns when we took the whole studio virtual was unbelievable. They kept me going, and they kept each other accountable and strong.  

To put it more simply, I absorb from these influential women all these things that happen around me over the years and recognize that ALL women are Women of Influence! Even on the smallest of scales.  My clients & coworkers have influenced me for so many years and I am grateful for them in ways they will never know. I nominate every single one of them!

I imagine in the circles of your lives you can also say the same. I hope we can continue to recognize Women of Influence even in the everyday experience."

Shannon Foley, Owner Encore Pilates

Women of Influence have the power to have a positive impact on the world around them. 

Women of Influence see the small things that make a big difference. 

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