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All You Need to Master Sunset Eye Makeup


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

The sunset eye look has become such a big trend because there are so many ways to make it unique. Using shades of yellow, orange and pink, you can craft all kinds of gorgeous looks. These bright colors are also perfect for warm weather and can cheer you up on any gloomy day. If you're ready for everything you need to know about this trend, keep reading!

Sunset Eye Makeup Looks to Inspire You

Makeup is such a beautiful art form. And like all artists, sometimes you need a bit of inspiration to get your creativity flowing. If you just got a new warm-hued eyeshadow palette, and you want to start trying out sunset eyeshadow looks, here are some photos from incredible makeup artists.

10 Sunset Eyeshadow Makeup Palettes

Want to play around with sunset eyeshadow looks? You'll need the perfect palettes first! Here are 10 warm-hued palettes from some of the leading brands in the makeup industry. These shades promise blendability, longevity and pigment that packs a punch.

Learn How to Do Sunset Eye Makeup

You're like sunshine on a cloudy day, baby. And now your eyes can reflect that! Create this gorgeous sunset with eyeshadow for a dreamy, warm-hued makeup look following Jessica Harrington's guide.

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