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Scott Latzsch had always grown up around animals as a child and continued to enjoy animals into adulthood.  He and his wife, Tara, share that bond as pets have remained a constant in their lives together. While Scott was frustratingly chipping away at his career in corporate America, he would soon discover his true calling in the world of canines was waiting for him. 

Scott and Tara began calling Mount Juliet home in 2016. That’s when a tiny little terror aptly nicknamed “Hyper Piper” entered their lives. This pup turned Scott and Tara’s world on its head and they knew that dog training was in order. But after several trainers, they had been unable to achieve the behavior from Piper that they were hoping for. They decided to give it one more try with a local trainer who used an entirely different method for training dogs. “He had a completely different approach when it came to working with dogs and working on obedience...every week we would meet again and my dog started excelling in her behavior. Her behavior started to change,” Scott describes, “She’s a good dog now.”

Scott excelled in using the behavioral tools needed to help Piper. And near the end of her training, their trusted dog trainer asked Scott a life-changing question- “Did you ever think about becoming a dog trainer?” Soon, Scott's future as a trainer began to fall into place. “I started working under him and he started training with me. I started to gain all of his knowledge...things just started to click,” Scott says. He quickly decided to say goodbye to the corporate world for good and embark on his journey as a dog trainer. That’s when AllStar Canine Academy began, and for the last four years, this family-owned business has been helping dog owners in Mount Juliet and surrounding areas create transformative canine/owner bonds. 

AllStar Canine Academy offers several training programs specifically designed to meet the needs of dogs and their owners. Whether clients are looking for puppy training, in-home training, leash walking, group classes, board & train, and more, Scott is prepared to help owners and pets learn to live harmonious lives and create lasting bonds. He understands the complexities of dog ownership and can customize his techniques for his clients, “If a client is looking for a specific program or looking to work on a specific behavior, I will create a program to fit my client's needs.” Scott is also a certified American Kennel Club (AKC) Evaluator and offers a Canine Good Citizenship Program for those who are looking to take their dog's training to the next level of achievement. 

At AllStar Canine Academy, clients begin to understand that the most important skill to develop when helping their dog learn better behavior is patience and the confidence to stick with the training. “That’s the most important thing...It’s amazing. When the owner shows more confidence, the dog shows more confidence as well and that’s what obedience training is; just developing their confidence so that they can handle a variety of different stimulation,” Scott explains. At the end of the day, folks who come to AllStar Canine Academy are looking to give their dogs an easier, richer life filled with the kind of behavior that creates that special confidence. Scott diligently devotes himself to meeting the needs of clients and pups in order to make Mount Juliet a better place, one canine at a time.  

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