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Alpharetta Laughs with and at Amy Lyle

North Fulton Author, Comedienne/Actor and Screenwriter Says Much of her Fodder Comes from People and Things in and Around Alpharetta

Article by Rick Limpert

Photography by Andrea Ferenchik at Photoplex Studios

Originally published in Alpharetta City Lifestyle

Amy Lyle is a mess!

But it's OK.

With a new book on shelves and making the bestseller list on Amazon, the comedienne/actor/screenwriter uses people, places and things from her familiar turf in Alpharetta as the background for her stories and writings.

Born and raised in Marietta, the Marietta in Ohio, she likes to add, Lyle is making a living, making fun of the things we all take for granted. Case in point, her new book, We’re All A Mess. It’s OK, where she collects short stories and funny one-liners from more than 100 contributors who recount and relive their most hilarious failures, indignities and embarrassing moments. 

"We’re All A Mess. It’s OK captures life’s more absurd moments honestly and without filter. It's very personal essays highlight the grainier sides of being human and imperfect." 

From internet dating disasters to those strange co-workers and vacations that went wrong, Lyle talks a language we all can understand.  

Her inspirations?

They include much of what is happening in Alpharetta, North Fulton and anything Lyle and her husband, Peter, their four teenagers and large dogs come into contact with in their daily lives.

"I worked as a sales manager and corporate trainer for Randstad (Alpharetta office) for over a decade, located on North Point Parkway," offered the bubbly Lyle. "For lunch, I'd rotate between The Corner Deli, Volcano Asian Bistro and Wildflour as they all were less than five minutes from my office."

Lyle said she's lucky she doesn't have to venture far to get ideas for her next book and other projects which include the screenplay, #fakemom, a female-centric comedy shooting in fall of 2019, which will feature several areas around Atlanta, including Alpharetta. 

"Within 10 miles of my house, I have a few favorite go to's including Casa Nuova for veal scaloppine, Sushi Nami's for the Shannon Maui roll and butternut squash soup, and Salt for raw oysters."

When not writing, Lyle said she and her husband love all the festivals and shopping available in Downtown Alpharetta.

"We just tried Holmes, and enjoyed custom cocktails and pork belly tacos and after (dinner) had Kilwins. We just love strolling in and out of all the new shops." 

With everything going on around the Lyle household, sometimes it's the simple things that Amy and her family appreciate.

"With four kids and two large dogs, we need durability in all things. Karen's Fabrics saved us when they recommended slipcovers in white canvas; it turned out beautifully and everything is washable!"

Lyle said that the vibrant community of content creators and makers close by is invigorating to her brain and soul when she needs a little encouragement.

"I belong to a local writer's club; we pitch stories and give feedback on everything from novels to plots to essay titles. I send stand up comedy pieces to Atlanta writer James Crump and Atlanta actor Keller Kuhn to critique and also bounce comedy ideas off of Atlanta-based comedian Hank Dent."

Lyle also adds that for newbies, an unlikely source of support can be social media platforms like Twitter, where she is linked to over 2,000 other content creators and those in the entertainment industry.

Lyle is a firm believer that everyone has a story, and her contributors’ stories give our embarrassed and struggling souls some comic relief and even some inspiration.

"It might even make some of us a mess," laughed Lyle.

But it's OK.

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