A Balancing Act, Yogini-Style

Alia Sebben’s online platform will help you stay fit, healthy—and sane—during stressful times.

Article by Livia Hooson

Photography by Danielle Webster

Originally published in Boulder Lifestyle

Alia Sebben, a Boulder native, mother, yoga teacher and business owner is proving to be quite the balancing act. Blending her passion for strengthening the mind-body connection and sharing that with as many people as she can is how Amana Yoga became. The downtown Boulder studio is host to dynamic and restorative yoga classes led by familiar faces in the community, but as of late, the studio has had to temporarily close due to the coronavirus epidemic, moving Alia to focus on building her online platform (AmanaYogaOnline.com). The site allows subscribers to live-stream high-quality meditations, vinyasa yoga classes and wellness courses from the comfort of their home.

“Since the transition to being online full-time, we have still been able to work with the incredible Boulder practitioners and collaborate through online wellness lectures,” Alia says. 

This includes an immune-boosting and stress-relief practice through acupressure, a meal-prep class led by a nutritionist, as well as courses with the Ayurvedic duo, Molly and Sierra, owners of the Boulder-based company Cultivate Balance. Alia has been able to keep yoga teachers and healers employed while broadcasting their extensive insight for healthy living right through the screen and into the community.

Contact info:

Amana Yoga Studio: 949 Walnut Street, Boulder CO 80302

AmanaYogaOnline.com (use discount code: LIFESTYLE when you signup)

Workouts hosted through GetFiteo.com

Welcome to Alia and Penelope’s mini-flow! Remember to take deep breaths through your nose throughout practice and keep your joints stacked (knee over the ankle) for safety.

Set an intention: “I am at ease and full of gratitude.”

1.     Child’s Pose
Bring your knees out as wide as your mat, big toes to touch, sink your hips to your heels, stretch your arms towards the front of your space, spread your hands wide and take 5 deep breaths.

2.     Cat/Cow
Come to all fours, shoulders over wrists and hips over knees. Take a breath in while you drop your belly, shoulders drawing down your back and gently looking up. On an exhale, press the floor away as you round through your spine like a cat. Repeat 5x.

3.     Goddess Pose
From standing, with your feet shoulder distance apart, turn your toes out, heels in and come into a squatting position. Working towards bringing your thighs parallel to the ground while knees track right over your center toes. Hands together in front of your heart, inhale to straighten a little and exhale to lower your hips slightly. Repeat 5-10x.

4.     Tree Pose
Bring your big toes to touch, heels slightly apart. Transfer your bodyweight into your left foot, bring the sole of your right foot into the inner ankle or above your knee onto your thigh, never onto your knee. Press equally through your standing leg and into your right foot. Reach your arms to the sky, focus your gaze on a single point in front of you or try closing your eyes for an added challenge! Switch sides.

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