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Amelia Park Ice Arena

Devoted to Children and Families

The Amelia Park Ice Arena and Park was created, built and funded by Albert F. Ferst. It was done to commemorate his late wife Amelia who was committed to helping the children and less fortunate people of Westfield through numerous philanthropic endeavors. The facility and Memorial Garden opened on July 1, 2000.

Located in downtown Westfield, Massachusetts, Amelia Park Ice Arena and Garden is the cornerstone of the Amelia Park Campus, a historical footprint devoted to children and families.  It also houses Amelia Park Children’s Museum, the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Westfield, and sport playing fields. Immediately adjacent is the Westfield South Middle School. It encompasses all the elements in promoting a healthy, productive, enriching environment and community, and is considered one of the finest recreational campuses in the area.

Amelia Park brings the community together. It has been described as a privilege for our community, especially families. Its outreach is impressive. Its affiliations and partnerships are vast. All area schools, colleges, civic groups and community organizations congregate there on a regular basis. Use of its community rooms for meetings, seminars and events are encouraged. City of Westfield, Chamber of Commerce, Westfield on Weekends, Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, USA Paralympics, Greater Springfield Youth Hockey, Noble Hospital, State Police Association, Amelia Park Children’s Museum are a few of its users. Thousands come to the rink to participate, to view, to celebrate, to cheer, to relax, to listen, and to use the facility they justifiably refer to as “their home.”

Most recently Amelia Park Ice arena hosted the 2020 Bruins Alumni Game, Skating with Elsa & Anna, and Mayor Humason kicked off the their annual free ice skating party. Skate on over to their Facebook page or website for all upcoming events!